How it started

By OnGiglGas

January 03, 2023

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28 days ago

I always loved playing pinball as a kid in the 70's and 80's. I grew up in the skating rink, and most rinks had a few pins usually. I was always draw to a particular game, Target Alpha by Gottlieb. Not sure how many quarters I dropped in that game, but it was a lot. I stumbled across one a few years ago on EBay, but it sold before I could buy it. So I started watching for another one. Another one came available on Craig's List a few months later, so I contacted the seller, and bought it sight unseen. When I went to Savannah to pick it up, the gentleman selling it asked me if I had ever heard of a little website called I had not. When I got home I decided to check it out. Oh my goodness. My mind was blown. It was game over at that point. I bought 6 more pins in the next year from all over America using Pinside Market. I'm up to 8 pins now with one more on order. I completely refinished my basement to support the hobby. Still have room for 5 more. Gotta be selective at this point. 

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6 days ago

You'll have to show me how to play Target Alpha sometime.. Nice to meet ya last night at The Burl.

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