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10 months ago
This is a fun game, especially in a tournament setting.
10 months ago
I was shocked to see Barry Oursler designed this one dimensional game.
1 year ago
I don't know why JJP continues to persevere with wide body games. There is too much side to side action making them very boring. This one is the worst of the lot.
1 year ago
Steve Richie phoned this one in, and Dwight did an ordinary job with the ruleset. Pounding the action button is a stupid design idea. Smashing the 3 standup targets to get to 40x before you do anything else is the optimal strategy for points, how dumb is that! Each shot at those targets puts the ball out of control and at risk of a drain. The video mode is tedious. The pops and lanes are a giant waste of space. Sometimes the ball jumps out of the habit rail and over the flippers into the drain. At the plunge a skill shot successfully collected often leads to an immediate outlane drain without a flip.

I usually like a fan layout but this one is not at all satisfying, all the shots feel the same. The light sabre duel is a very cool mode and the light show during this is excellent.

We own the LE at work. It is a chore to play this game, I only do so to be prepared in case I encounter it in a tournament. Yet again the best licence out there goes to waste. Have a look at Iron Maiden to see what you could have achieved, Steve and Dwight.
2 years ago
Great art package, a lot of content in the LCD, toy box is a cool toy. Those are the positives. Otherwise, the modes are quite bland, reminiscent of early Stern Kiss, they all feel the same, just shoot the flashing arrows on the main shots. Kiss has the cool shot and playfield multipliers that make it more interesting. Looking forward to code improvements to add something more to this game, it feels underdone on release.
2 years ago
The best of the old star wars machines
2 years ago
Don't like it at all.
2 years ago
OK game, incredible 1978 styling!
2 years ago
We loved this game when it was released. Like most Sterns of this era lots of character and fun.
2 years ago
Light the spinner and shoot the upper lanes, that is all there is to this one. And one of the best backglasses in pinball.
2 years ago
Another John Trudeau masterpiece. Dangerous stand up targets, a ramp worth nothing and a spinner worth way too much making it the only shot in the game. Does John Trudeau play pinball? Unlike the other reviews here, I like the back glass. Very 80s. Not enough strong female characters in pinball.
2 years ago
Very cool concept, improve your hand while avoiding doing the same for the dealer, then cash in at the saucer. Very nice spinner to rip and the upper lanes are worth something too. This is a great tournament game, one of the best from 1977.
2 years ago
Some cool innovative ideas but it gets boring quickly.
2 years ago
Another shallow game. "Lion man" has to be the best call out in pinball.
2 years ago
This game is seriously shallow, I have no idea why it rates so highly, maybe nostalgia.
2 years ago
Nice art. Awful game. Simple as that.
2 years ago
Beautiful backglass, incredible sound. This is a cool game, however there are only 2 shots to go for, maybe 1 (the inline drops for bonus X and spotting pyramid).
2 years ago
Artwork is great, inline drops are cool, otherwise a game that is too simple. The bank of standup targets is only half accessible from the flippers.
2 years ago
There is a reason only 365 of these were made. Artwork is incredible, the game design is an absolute joke. Very little to this game.
2 years ago
Simple game but surprisingly fun. Not sure about the lastability, would need to play it more.
3 years ago
Far superior to the Premium/LE, it has much better flow and visibility to the top of the playfield. The depth in the rules and the different approaches you can take to the game via selection of house at the start mean that I am still enjoying this game greatly 12m on.
3 years ago
Very one dimensional game, pound the death star for MB and then shoot jackpots. The death star shot is not very satisfying so this game is a huge disappointment.
3 years ago
The worst modern game i have played, the ring is a disaster, boring and poorly executed. I haven't tried the new code yet, but the ring dominates the playfield so I can't see it improving a whole lot.
3 years ago
Contender for the worst pinball ever made. And it has jar jar binks. Nice one, George Lucas.
3 years ago
Nice art package but gets tired quickly
3 years ago
Possibly the most one dimensional bally williams dmd
3 years ago
The pro is far superior, the dumb upper playfield slows things down, it doesn't add much to the game and makes it hard to see the upper lanes. I like the blue art package.
3 years ago
3 years ago
The modes are awesome, super deep ruleset by Lyman, hilarious walker kill animations, possibly the best wizard mode in pinball, great art package, this is my most played game in my collection.
3 years ago
Didn't like this game much at all, confusing mess.
3 years ago
Pretty ordinary game from the era, cool Williams sound effects and a nice backglass. Very simple ruleset that is nothing special.
4 years ago
I didn't like this game much when it first came out so didn't play it much back then and still feel the same way. I don't know why it get's such high ratings from others. Perhaps I need to play it some more and find out what it is people like so much.
4 years ago
Pretty ordinary game that tires quickly. Very innovative toys and cool theme.
4 years ago
I get bored of this one pretty quick, thin gameplay.
4 years ago
The best toys ever in a pinball machine, v popular with beginners and the ladies.
4 years ago
Decent game with cool theme, not deep enough to own especially at the crazy prices asked.
4 years ago
Ordinary game, it is a conversion of Spy Hunter
4 years ago
Bad game for tournaments because of shoot centre ramp all day strategy - after 99 miles it is worth 250K per shot.
4 years ago
The game is a bit simple, but I love the theme and the art. I played this game a lot when it first came out, so it must be pretty good.
4 years ago
Awesome game, one of the best solid states of all time.
4 years ago
About the only thing going for it is the Charlie's Angels nostalgia

Update: played this some more and it is a lot more fun than i thought, increasing bonus x is a nice challenge.
4 years ago
This table is way too simple, it is all about the video game - which is unfortunately very lame
4 years ago
A unique and fun game, doubt it will have lasting power though
4 years ago
Fun with some surprising depth
4 years ago
A beautiful game, an extraordinary number of things to shoot for given the era it was made.
4 years ago
Chopping wood, only one thing to go for, spelling radical for multiball over and over. Damn this game is tedious. It was painful to watch in IFPA 12 world championships.
4 years ago
I really enjoyed this game when it came out in 1994, played it a lot on location, I still enjoy it today. It has a unique feel.
4 years ago
Awesome sound effects, reasonable art package, that is all that can be said for this game. Maybe that it is a nice Williams specimen for this era? The banana flippers are a complete joke. If you are a museum they are great, but if you want to play the game and have fun, you will tire of them very quickly.
4 years ago
My god this is an awful game. I played it at the Australian Pinball Expo in 2014. The captive ball in the centre is a massive device and dominates the playfield leaving very little room to shoot for anything else. It is a marvellous museum piece though, looking very 70's, very Atari and of course it was Steve Ritchie's first game.
4 years ago
This is old school gameplay in a modern format. It has really satisfying shots and I love the challenge of achieving all the objectives in one ball. Cool theme, art and dots. My current fave.

[UPDATE] I've owned this for two weeks now and I love this game. It has the simplicity of a game from the 80's and 90s, yet great depth in the ruleset (v1.83). While the playfield looks quite simple, it has 12 different shots plus the Iron Monger that rises up out of the playfield plus the 7 Iron Man stand up targets - 20 shots in all. People say the game is tough, but if you set the outlane posts to narrow 10-15 minute games are the norm. The four settings on the outlane posts give you plenty of control over the game difficulty.

The sound effects are awesome, there are great callouts from the movie, and the missile sound effects during the Jericho wizard mode are incredible, I think I'll be getting a speaker upgrade and sub just for Jericho. Do or Die wizard mode adds further depth to the game. I haven't worked out what to do to get Do or Die multiball yet, I'm looking forward to this. There is also double scoring somewhere in there, too, which obviously ideally should be stacked with some of the big payoff features. So the gameplay is not as thin as some suggest. Before I bought this I did a lot of research with owners past and present. They love the game, and most that parted with Iron Man regret the sale, some have bought it back.

The art package is great on the PF, translite and cabinet and really emphasises the Iron Man theme. I have not been this excited about a title since AC/DC.
4 years ago
Great theme, not a lot of depth.
4 years ago
Hasn't quite got the depth or challenge I look for in a pinball. I need to play it more to make a full assessment.

UPDATE: OK, it is maybe a little too easy, but it is an elegant design, great artwork and humour, and it keeps me coming back for more. It is rightfully in the top 10 on Pinside.
4 years ago
Need to play it some more to firm up my opinion. I didn't play it much at the time when it came out, I guess that says something.

UPDATE: Played it some more. Don't know why Steve Ritchie bothered putting the left on this one, there's no use for it.
4 years ago
Very deep game, lots of modes and a great theme. The mini playfield is dull after a while & takes up a lot of space.

UPDATE: After having this in the office for a while it is a bit repetitive, and the wide body is annoying, so I have knocked off some points.
4 years ago
This game is nearly perfect, quite a unique layout and objectives, I can't stop playing it. Replace the translite with Aurich's alternative and you have the perfect machine.
4 years ago
The pro fully modded with EL lighting on the ramps and the working Tron video game at FLynn's arcade is the most beautiful light package ever. Great sounds, fast difficult gameplay and the cool spinning disc make this a brilliant game. The only let down is the photographic playfield art.
4 years ago
Beautiful wide body with some cool drop target shots that require skilful aim and timing.
5 years ago
I like this game, especially the shot multipliers. It has some cool shots that are different. I like the mechanic of killing zombies that are coming towards you, especially the multikill. 2 bash toys (3 including bicycle girl on the LE) is maybe a bit too much. The SDTM drain out of the pops can be avoided with judicious nudging early on as the ball is coming out of the pops so I don't agree with all the complaints on this one.

UPDATE: owned this a few months now and I love it. Difficult and nicely balanced strategies. Code updates make horde the best wizard mode in pinball.
5 years ago
Great theme, art and sense of humour. It is one of the best, but I'm not sure that it is the best pinball ever made, I wonder whether it's rarity and the $10,000 price tag bias opinions.
5 years ago
Played it at the Belgian Open 2014, nice ruleset for a game of this period, and very cool backglass that is real 70s.
5 years ago
Really enjoyed this game when it first came out, haven't played it since.
5 years ago
The problem with this game is the voice over script and the voice actors' performance. Stern, spend a few dollars and get real voice actors. And why couldn't you grab some dialogue or stories from the very rich X-men comic universe?

The dots are poor, too. Again, why not use some of the art from the comics?

UPDATE: I own the LE now. Gameplay on this is great, some tough, tight shots & very deep ruleset. This is a lot of fun to own. The call outs are still shite.

UPDATE: I've had it for 2 months now and I'm playing it heavily, the variety and challenge in this game is outstanding, I'm increasing the score further. The call outs are cheesy, both the actors' performance and the appalling dialogue. Whoever wrote them should never be allowed near a script again.

UPDATE: I've owned this thing a year now, I've shaved some score off as it doesn't have the lastability of the very best tables.
5 years ago
I've only had one play. It seems like a fast game with some good depth. The sound effects are amazing, perhaps the biggest step up since Flash & Black Knight. The dot animations are lame, why couldn't they use scenes from the movies like Spiderman?
5 years ago
Great theme & art, cool modes, excellent call outs from the show. However Stewie Pinball becomes tedious - not as bad as the hell level in AC/DC, but getting close.

[UPDATE] Stewie pinball really does irritate me.
5 years ago
Cool theme, but limited gameplay - just keep hitting it up the left ramp. There is not a lot else of value to aim for. The billion shot is a gimmick, worked at the time of release but not now.
5 years ago
The saucer skill shot and the galaxy collect take up way too much room on this pinball. The only thing really worth aiming for is the drop target bank. I really enjoyed this game back when it was released. Hitting the drop targets to advance the planets and light extra ball and specs was a very addictive feature. But this game is a one trick pony.
5 years ago
A great playing game, with some cool features like building the spinner and the horseshoe before collecting, and hitting the numbered targets in order. Too many of these targets can be spotted by the inlanes and the bumper at the top of the playfield, tho, making this part a bit too easy. I own this and it gets a lot of play by me, never gets stale. Stern's best SS.

Update: I've owned this a couple of years now and I'm upping the score, it is the most played machine in my collection by my visitors (and they have some nice modern DMDs to choose from.) It is a really nicely balanced game, your approach to the game varies from ball to ball - shooting the 1-9 targets, building up the spinner by going for the 3 banks (and not collecting it until it is maxed out), going after the horse shore when you're only 1 or 2 shots away from 173K (and the torture of collecting it one shot too early or missing it and rolling it over to 10K), or building your bonus times. Most DMDs don't have this level of choice in strategy. It requires super accuracy to make lots of tight shots. There's a reason they labelled it "tournament pinball" on the back glass.

Set up is critical to make this game sing - I have wow (extra ball) set to 70K points, specials set to 130K points, bonus X set to carry over ball to ball and requires both 3 banks to advance, and the outer targets on the 3 banks advance spinner value.

Update: I've owned it longer and it keeps getting better. Subtle decisions like, should I rip when the spinner is lit for 1600 points or should I drop another 3 bank target first to take it to 2500? I'm now getting better at setting the horseshoe target up for 173K points and collecting. I'm also getting better at banking the ball off the right side rubbers into various targets and the multiball lock. Locking a ball gives you another shot up the shooter lane to light the spinner for 2500.

There are so many ways to score and the optimal strategy continues to change depending on what is happening in any given ball. I just keep going back to this game in my home collection of 8 (6 DMDs).

Update: Another year on and I still love this game as much today as ever before. I now consider it the best solid state ever made. Fathom, Centaur, EBD etc are super games, but I would tire of them after 3 years of heavy play. Not Nine Ball.

Update: Another year on and I’m upping the points, this pin is in my top 3 of all time. The fast game time is a plus.
5 years ago
A very simple game, quick & challenging. I really like it. It has a post between the flippers and a unique post on the right outlane that allows you to nudge the ball back into play. The stand up targets award extra ball then specs, and the drop targets bonus X and specs. Ball times were short, but you could clock up games quickly. I bought this machine off an operator in 1983. He said it was a lemon, he never made any money out of it. For me it was the highest earning game on location - I tuned it perfectly and handed out plenty of free games (because game times were short it didn't matter).

The ruleset/code in this one is identical to Cosmic Princess, except that the saucer in CP collects bonus.

I score this game about 8/10. My pinside rating scores very low on sound - can't do much with only three tones.
5 years ago
For its time this machine was special. I still enjoy it greatly today. It's a tough machine, hitting the drop targets in order requires a good aim, and going downstairs before you've opened the return gate is an exciting gamble that requires great confidence in your abilities to open it before you drain. I like the sound, the art, the back glass and the theme. Who cares if it was a crap movie. This game felt like it came from the future.
5 years ago
No longevity in this one, building up the recipe or hitting the saucer and making consecutive ramp shots are the only objectives in this game. I am a fan of the TV show and they've done a decent job capturing its spirit with the backglass and voice overs.
5 years ago
I like this game, I love the movie and Heath Ledger as The Joker - the best villain ever, so this theme has a special place in my heart. I like the 2X shot multiplier in this game, it's a great feature, Spiderman did it even better with a 3X shot multiplier for completed modes in addition to the 2X.
5 years ago
The boat is a cool feature, it is satisfying making that shot repeatedly and then nailing the monster fish shot. However, this is a two trick pony - the boat and multiball. That's it. I get the impression it is a great game for beginners, the boat shot is obvious and easy to make, they love it.
5 years ago
Slow and therefore boring, lots of repetitive shots.
5 years ago
Back in the day when this was released I played it to death in the arcades. It's an awesome game. However, it's a bit simple by today's standards. I'm not nostalgic about it the way I am the early solid states, so it's left in no man's land between modernity and nostalgia.
5 years ago
Great 50's drive-in movie theme, cool music from the era, unique playfield layout, great art. The Move Your Car DMD scenes are hilarious. The ruleset doesn't have the depth to make it a keeper for me, it gets old too quick.
5 years ago
I love the Simpsons cartoon, I really want to love this game. Unfortunately, I have only played it once and the game was pretty beat up, dirty, and multiball didn't work.
5 years ago
Leaves me a bit 'meh', don't understand why people love it so much. I played this back in the day when it was released, it was certainly good for it's time, but not great. Today it leaves me a bit flat.
5 years ago
I love the theme and the art, a great pin to have in the collection to introduce new players to pinball. Smashing the trunk gets repetitive.

Update: Game is too easy and gets repetitive so i've lowered my rating.
5 years ago
Crank it up makes a big improvement to the game. I'm amazed it took Stern so long to put it in the code. The game is maybe a little too focused on banging Sparky.
5 years ago
This is a classic machine, a real innovator for it's time, the Gorgar character is a great invention.
5 years ago
Gameplay beautifully integrated with theme. Only downside is that it is too easy & game times are long.
5 years ago
This game is a lot of fun, great theme and art, the four enemies make great toys and features. The ramps have beautiful movement. Great depth in the ruleset, some well balanced tactical and strategic choices. I want one!

Only negative is long game times.

UPDATE: After having this in my collection for 6 months the long game times and chopping wood mean this is a title I don't go back to. If you are a beginner to pinball then this machine is nearly a perfect 10 for theme and ruleset. But that is not me so I am shaving some points off.
5 years ago
This is the game that I learnt on as a 13 yo kid, very similar tech to Trident but much better game rules. The 5 bank of drop targets was an awesome feature - starting at 2 targets for 2X, resetting to 3 targets for 3X etc right up to 5 targets for 5X - like Trident. Unlike Trident the drop targets also lit the inlanes for Extra and Special, and there was a Collect Bonus hole. The upper lanes award specs the 2nd time they are completed. Back in the day, earning multiple credits from specs was a huge thrill, and added another dimension to the game, in addition to chasing a good score. I used to play for ages, racking up a bunch of credits which I would then sell to the older kids at full face value - they wanted me off the machine :)
5 years ago
Never saw the film, the TV series is magnificent. This is a beautifully designed and themed pin with some innovative features for the time that are still unique today. It seems like an easy pin, too, which explains why so many casual players rate it their favourite pin ever. I played it a few times when it was released, but it didn't grab me like STTNG, TZ, Getaway did back then.
5 years ago
I don't like the cluttered playfield on this one, doesn't have a good variety of shots the way other Pat Lawlor games do.
5 years ago
This is a classic, no wonder they sold so many of them. I love the simplicity of the game, the flow around the A/B orbit, the theme, the chimes, the saucer. And nailing the symmetrical 4 banks of drop targets twice to score a special. I feel sorry for kids who never got to feel the challenge and excitement of going for specs, winning multiple free games from specs was such a big part of pinball back in the day.
5 years ago
I can't believe this is a 2011 game, mid 90's games have much better gameplay. Stern should have just copied the Bally SS Rolling Stones, far superior.
5 years ago
I played this a bit in the arcades when it was released, this game is freakishly creative, the movement of the ball and the spinning red bumpers is crazy. BTW, it was only recently that I found out the red bumpers spun. The look perfectly still. The movement off them made me think at the time that it was some kind of magnet turning on and off. The sad thing is that there is not a lot to shoot at and luck plays too great a part, although I would like to think that if you learnt the playfield well enough there is no more luck involved than a normal pin.
5 years ago
The art in this game is stunning, it was the first and last for the poor woman who got retrenched, a real loss to the industry. Sound and light show is amazing for its time. I played this a lot after school back in 85. Don't know how the gameplay would stand up today, probably too shallow. However the art and sound knock this out of the park.

Poor game for tournaments as it is very long playing for experts.
5 years ago
The art is amazing, reminds me of Zaccharia pins. However, the DMD animations are painfully slow and cannot be bypassed. This kills the game dead for me, I could never own it. I got bored of the game after 4 plays because it is always stopping to play 5-10 second animations.
5 years ago
I loved this game when it came out in the arcades. It's only downside is it is too easy.
5 years ago
I'd like a bit more depth from this one.

UPDATE: now we have one at work I have put some decent time into it and I like it. There are a couple of different approaches you can take, the artwork is colourful and classy (although I don't like the mascot). The game is extremely popular with beginners, they love shooting goals, but it is also a great challenge for good players. I am increasing my rating on this one.
5 years ago
Played it only one evening, so these are my provisional scores, will update after more plays. Beautiful art & theme which feels like a classy euro board game. The voice actors do a great job with a humorous script. Of course johnny depp is too expensive to hire for this kind of job, so i don't see why people complain about this. The game is start and stop and possibly a bit too easy for good players.
5 years ago
Unique playfield layout and theme.
5 years ago
One of my all time favourites, I love the voice overs from the original cast. Brilliant design, but the right outlane drain is a disaster. I would own one but for that major flaw.

UPDATE: After getting some more time with this game I am taking some points off. Gameplay not as deep as the modern Sterns and the wide kickers that funnel the ball out the outlines suck!
5 years ago
Great game, but it is too easy. Good one to introduce new players to pinball.
5 years ago
This game is brilliant, it's only flaw is that game times are too long with good players. Looks like it would be tough to maintain, too.

UPDATE: Now I've revisited the game, not quite as special as I remembered. The theme and execution is brilliant, but gameplay doesn't have the depth of others.
5 years ago
Great game, I would buy one except for the cannon that blocks your view of the right outlane - it takes all the skill out of nudging the machine on that side of the table. This is a serious flaw.

UPDATE: OK, I bought one and the cannon is not so bad, you get a feel for where the ball is heading when it goes behind the cannon and nudge accordingly. The Steve Richie voice overs are typically lame. Yelling in an angry voice is not voice acting. Give it up, Steve.
5 years ago
This is a fantastic game to play, it has lousy sound so I guess that drags its scores down. I am planning on putting chimes in my SS Sinbad to give it that old school charm. It is a very fast game, balls drain quickly, so it is a great game to play when you are together with tournament standard players who can play a DMD game forever. There is something really addictive about trying to knock down the purple 3 bank for extra ball and the red 4 bank for specs, and of course knocking down all the targets for 5X bonus. I love the crazy bonus X design - just one target can be the difference between 1X and 5X bonus. It gives you all the adrenaline of shooting craps in the casino.

Update: I've had this in my house for a year now and I keep going back to it, the most played game in my collection by visitors, the design is timeless and tireless

Update: 4 years in and this is my favourite game of all time. The rules are perfect, the shots are fun, risk reward is well balanced, great art for the era. The sound sux but who cares. There is a reason they sold 12,000 of these, they could have sold more if they didn’t stop the production line and move on to the next one. P.S. the pascal board is essential to make the special worth 50k. This makes the appearance of the red light thrilling again, and gives you an decision, do i go for the red targets and 50k special or go for bonus X
5 years ago
A classic, the in line targets for bonus X and special give you a huge payoff. This game was way ahead of its time when it was released, I never tired of it on location.

UPDATE: Unfortunately the big appeal in this game was winning credits from all the specs. Now this motivation is missing some of the excitement is gone
5 years ago
This is a very tough game and I love it. Game times are very short unless you bring your A game. This makes it a great multiplayer game for skilful players.

The Dracula voice over by Gary Oldman is magnificent, it adds real character to the game. What a contrast to Steve Ritchie yelling at you (eg No Fear, AC/DC - I hope he never gets another voice acting gig.) The playfield art is only OK, the translite is beautiful. The 3 stackable multiballs for double and triple scoring make the game extremely exciting. I am very pleased I bought this game, the difficulty level is great training for competition play and the open playfield is excellent for practising skills like drop and live catches etc.

[UPDATE] I've owned this game 9 months now and I am enjoying it more now than ever. It is still hugely challenging, which I love, but now the world of stacking multiballs is opening up. Keeping three balls alive while killing dracula in the coffin doubles the Coffin jackpot. During Castle multiball, instead of making the jackpot shot, lock a second ball in the castle first to to double the Castle jackpot. Do all of this with all 3 multiballs stacked and you are earning 6X jackpots. And of course, each subsequent multiball the Castle and Coffin jackpots are 2X, then 3X, 4X etc. The payoffs for strategic play and fine multiball control are huge. This is a game that rewards the highly skilled player like no other. If it weren't for the OK playfield art this game would be No 1 in my list.

I totally love this game, I've had it for maybe a year now and it is more addictive than ever, I can't stop playing it. The intense challenge and the incredible payoffs when you have a great game are so satisfying I keep coming back for more. Every element of the design is perfect, too, the way the ball moves along the habit rails, the way that every animation can be interrupted by hitting both flipper buttons. The well balanced strategic decisions - should I hit the left ramp and start Bats to proceed towards extra ball or should I wait until I have the coffin ramp up to get a higher Bats score, or wait even longer and stack two multiballs and then Bats to score an extra 50M at the end of every ball? Go for Myst now or stack two or stack three multiballs? All are viable approaches.

I have come to the conclusion that this my favourite game of all time. And I bought this machine just because it was a cheap multiball DMD with fan layout that would be good for practising my skills.