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4 months ago
Tremendous package, lackluster gameplay. From the initial weak plunge to the super close left ramp and general clunkiness, this one left me really disappointed. Obviously the music and theme integration are far and away some of the best pinball has seen, but this one just didn't pull me in with the shots. I'm not a hardcore GnR fan, so at the end of the day that was all that mattered.
4 months ago
The shots on this game are so. far. away. Once you dial them in there is some nice flow, and of course Zeppelin. But the fake British callouts are not great (couldn't we have gotten the woman from Iron Maiden?) and the lazer-like sling sounds absolutely kill me - they feel way too modern for a pin themed around a 70s behemoth. The upper flipper is a waste without a ramp connected and it's a shame Stern couldn't have made that happen. With that one piece this could be a much more serviceable Pro, but now it just feels super stripped down.
4 months ago
This game has such rad bones but just doesn't pull me in with the theme. It's all about high-energy shots and combos, but the drab callouts, overly serious music, and super complex scoring really detract from the longterm enjoyment for me. I'll drop coins in it on location all day for the layout alone - it's incredible and I'd rate it higher than 5/5 if I could. But I feel it's not used to its full potential on a theme that just comes off flat.
4 months ago
Layout is so damn fun - unique yet punishing, but tons of flow available. Left side feels a little cramped, and the overall tone is a little more intense/serious than I prefer. Also on location it can be unclear what to shoot for with a mode running imo. Still a gem of a game and I can see why it's so highly rated.
4 months ago
I feel like the art ratings might bring down the overall number on this one, but TNA is a freakin' blast! For being such a simple gameplay loop it really suckers you in with the increased difficulty of each reactor. Crank the tunes, add a friend and some beer, and you're in for a fun night.
4 months ago
Love/hate relationship with this game. It's the first pin we bought so admittedly some sentimentality keeps it around, but there are plenty of times I want to throw it out the window. Theme immersion and callouts are fantastic, and game objectives are straightforward enough. But it gets a bit more chaotic than I like at times and I can only really point to the right orbit as being a "satisfying" shot. Scoring is a hot mess imo as well.
4 months ago
This game is suuuuuper underrated. Though it's just a standard fan layout, the speed of the ramps and orbits combine with the staggered RPM standups and kickback to make for a beautiful combo of flow and chaos. Light shows are tremendous and the breadth of code makes it approachable for new players while giving plenty for more skilled shooters to hunt down. I don't see the knock that this is a kiddie theme - it's nostalgia at its finest mixed with a modern tv show's storyline. It works.

Add in the variety of multiballs and bumping soundtrack and this game deserves far more love.
4 months ago
Flow monster! Gimme those fast plastic ramps and some warp shots all day.
4 months ago
Killer layout that will make you a better player, but I found after a month I hit my ceiling and couldn't regularly progress further. I'd like to revisit it after I'm a better player, because the shots themselves are a blast and the objectives are varied, but need a little more experience to unlock more of the game.
4 months ago
Top-rated for a reason. Even when it seems simple and like you should be killing it, the tension of hurry-ups or trying to stack more Madness kicks in to add pressure. Hilarious, masterfully coded and flow for days when you spam the ramps. Wows new players and doesn't get old for experienced ones.
4 months ago
I heart Borg layouts. This is a fun, smooth shooter with a couple nice ramps and tight orbits. Clear objectives and the toys and multiballs are fun. Dots are a bit messy just because they're trying to emulate crowds, and a couple more tracks could make for more variety. Excellent lightshow. Not sure I'd own it but it's definitely a hit on location.
4 months ago
Tremendous pro package here with beautiful art, insanely good music and immersive theming. This one really sucks you in and makes you feel like you're part of Deadpool's universe. But once you're in that universe for awhile you start to realize it's a bit shallow - the biggest improvement to this game would be to add another couple modes and quests instead of just going after the same bad guys again. That redundancy was the main reason we let it go, but I'd love to see the team behind this one get another crack at a theme because that's where it shines.
4 months ago
A gorgeous pin that was a great intro to home ownership. Fun shots, rewarding, straightforward rules. Sound package is excellent and the original tunes are catchy af. But once we added MM this one had to go - just too similar imo to justify both, but will always drop coins on location. It's a classic for a reason.
4 months ago
Difficult, but rewarding shooter with a ton of modes and objectives and a huge variety of ways to tackle the game. Borg's layout here is phenomenal, and when you finally dial in the shots to start comboing it's just a rush. Some people find 1-2-3 Foot annoying because of how often it's triggered, but it's incredibly satisfying to complete. Theme integration is fantastic and the ability to choose a turtle based on what you want to achieve (I take Raph to have an easy episode start and my daughter chooses Donatello for the one-shot multiball) sets it apart. Music and callouts can be cheesy, but it's a cartoon! The nostalgia and immersion are super high. Co-op, Half Shell Challenge, Final Battle - just a ton to do if it starts beating you up too much in standard play or you want to mix it up. Mode ojectives/variety are great - Slash and Ray Gun are standouts imo. And even though you skip it after a few times seeing it, the intro to Ninja Pizza Multiball is one of my favorite pinball moments.

My only gripe is a common one: For how much work some of the modes and shots are, base scoring is incredibly low. I've gotten over it and play mostly to get deeper into modes, but I also know it would be a nice mental boost to feel like those shots you just chained together for the first time really paid off.

All in all a fantastic pin we'll be hanging onto for awhile.