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2 years ago
I am not a fan of the band Iron Maiden so had low expectations for this game. The masterpiece in playfield design by Keith Elwin in his first game is insanely impressive. This is by far my favorite game STERN has ever produced. Satisfying shots all across the playfield. Having four flippers always gives you something to shoot for. The shots on this game are so smooth and fast that you never get tired of shooting this pin. The design is original and very fun to play. The theme ends up not mattering that much when gameplay is THIS good.
2 years ago
I am a huge fan of GNR and their music. This game is a new benchmark in pinball related to the light show, sound quality and display. Having the high number of songs along with full concert footage is very impressive. The use of lighting to go along with the music gives the feeling of being at a live show. With Slash fully on board, you can tell nothing was off limits related to the license. The sound system also is nearly perfect. Unfortunately, the gameplay is what ultimately lets this one down. This game lacks any satisfying shots or flow. The playfield design is just not very fun. I also did not like the mini playfield. The deep JJP ruleset is there for those who want to put the time in to learn it. For me this is a showpiece game that's boring to play.
4 years ago
Baywatch is probably the best bang-for-the-buck machine you can buy. The playfield design is as close to perfect as you can ask for. Tons of shots ranging in difficulty all over the playfield. Having the wireforms above the playfield opens the game up for more shots. People have written off this game for years because of the theme, and that it's made by SEGA. Sure the theme is not the best, but the implementation of it is spot on. The rules on this game also are great and somewhat different than other games as you can start modes all across the playfield. Some of the modes have multiple parts to them which was a pleasant surprise. The upper left flipper integration into gameplay is maybe the best since TZ. By holding the flipper up, you can use the bottom of the flipper as a backboard to deflect the ball into the shark hole. Also learning the multiple ways to set up shots to the upper flipper is really fun. SEGA made this during the Data East buyout timeframe, so the build quality and cost of materials included was higher than the cheaper titles they released after. This includes the extra large DMD which looks great and includes some of the best dot matrix animation they ever did. My biggest complaint is the sound quality is not as good as one would like it to be, but it does get the job done. The challenge to get Earthquake wizard mode seems just right giving that one more game replayability. This is by far my favorite game SEGA produced. Give it a chance and I think you will be surprised how good it really is.
6 years ago
1993 was filled with so many amazing games, Judge Dredd kind of got overlooked. The playfield design is completely unique. The two mini loops at the top are awesome and really give this game some speed. Triple stack wireforms, 4 ramps, 3 captive balls, Drop target bank....this game is loaded. Add in a great art package (especially the dark judges on playfield), excellent music with great call outs and some of the best DMD animations around makes this easily one of the very best bang-for-the-buck games. Dark humor and pinball seldom go together, but Bally pulled it off here with some great easter eggs thrown in. Dead world is cool even if it is a little too big on playfield space, and "Super Game" is a fun alternative way to play. The modes have great variation forcing you to make all the shots on the playfield. "Pursuit" is a standout having to check the dmd while ball is in play. Deep code just adds to an already great package with the Dredd.
*after owning this game, I am updating my review. Other than the loops, the shots from the upper flippers seem a bit off. Even with all the stuff packed into this, the lastability and fun factor for me has been reduced.
6 years ago
Cactus Canyon has an above average art package and a great theme. The playfield design plays well, but is not original and similar games have been much better in the past. The sound and code were never completed and it shows. The game is too easy and mediocre for a B/W game. By far the best thing about it is the quick draw drop targets. This part of the game is very neat and implimented well. I feel they should have brought out the enemy personalities to draw you in. Something similar to the quality of MM, CP or Capcom's Kingpin. Battling each member of the gang, having them talk to you leading to a final showdown with Bart was a missed opportunity. The backglass characters also is a disconnect as most are missing from the game / dmd animations etc. What we have is a game that was rushed out the door and never finished and it feels like it. No final bionic Bart, random quotes that feel forced and parts with no music at all. This game commands a high price because it's rare, and not because it's a must have pinball masterpiece.
6 years ago
No Good Gophers is one of the best flow designs by Pat Lawlor. The game is fast, has great lighting and is true to the theme. Now I know the gophers are suppose to be annoying and they are. I can enjoy this game only for a short time and then the music and voice really starts to get on my nerves. The jump ramp is great and love the hole in one super jackpot. If you are into golf, this is probably a must have game. The theme does nothing for me, so will play when I see it on location, but would never own it.
6 years ago
SafeCracker is a fun unique game that is different than anything else available. Amazing design by Pat Lawlor. I like how you set yourself up on the board with different entraces on the playfield. Getting into the vault is cool and having a token roll down the glass never gets old. The assault the vault mode is a fun extra multiball with an excellent DMD intro. The lastability of this game is only soso. With extensive time on this game I found I did not like the smaller size playfield and flippers compared to a regular sized game. It just did not feel as good to shoot. And the stop and go with the board game gets tiring with consistent play. Great alternative game that fits well in a large collection.
6 years ago
Stargate is by far Gottlieb's best game. The backglass is very original and with the rope light looks great. The playfield design, skill shot, and rules all are excellent. Fun game for all skill levels with heavy use of multi ball. The flip up targets are very cool and I am surprised this idea has not been copied in other games. Ramps are steep and satisfying to hit. A few things keep this one from greatness. The sound, call outs "shoot the pyramid" and music is very poor. This is typical Gottlieb sound, but is noticeable here as the rest of the game is so good. Also the DMD animations are not very good. If Gottlieb could have consistently made games like this in the 90's they could have been competitive.
6 years ago
Champion Pub gets credit for trying something new / different but for me that does not add up to a fun game. The theme of this game is great. Train your fighter and then take on fights to advance in rank. Combo shots for KO's is a cool idea. The music and speech is top notch. Love that Ireland music. Jump rope and speed bag toys are fun for the first game or so, but then it takes you out of pinball too much and becomes a chore. Playfield design also is not great on this table. Add in a boring skill shot and you are left with one of the worse B/W games from the 90's. Ok to play on location once in a while, but would be horrible in a home collection.
6 years ago
Indy car racing is not hugely popular in the US. That combined with low production has kept this a hidden gem for years. This game is fast, fun, has great music, animations and an excellent video mode. The call outs in this game are outstanding using real Indy 500 announcers. The way they banter back and forth is perfect. I love how humor is worked into this game which was pleasantly unexpected. Some of the rules are very well thought out. Pit stop multi ball for example the faster you hit the ramp the quicker you get out of the pit and the more cars you beat. The more cars you beat, the more jackpots available in multiball....genius! Tons of modes to play and they added extra things to achieve 200 laps, passing cars to get into pole position etc. that add to the replayability. Complete these tasks for a Victory Lap jackpot. Trying to get this with 3x playfield scoring will keep you coming back for more. Turbo lock is awesome and keeps everything moving fast. Not everything is perfect...no wizard mode is a bummer, original light up target design will have them broken almost guaranteed, and a few things with the code could use tweaking (super light ups scoring, souvenirs reward). But this game for me is just as good as any of the "A" list games.
6 years ago
Goldeneye is one of the very best games by Sega. One of the best Bond films in pinball form what's not to like about that? Gameplay is fast and fun with alot of ramps. I like the sound clips used and the music is pretty good too. The shaken martini during tilt warnings is perfect! Some fun Easter eggs are thrown in during the intro to not keep things too serious. The magna save is awesome, but should have been better designed. The playfield gets such a crater there, it does not function properly on some games. Satalite dish / jump ramp is great....love that super jackpot. The rule set is the only bummer on this game. Most objectives and missions are pretty easy with the exception of Q's pen. The timing on that one is very tight. Upon a failed completion you have to work on relighting it again...and again...and again as needed. This turns into a chore getting to the wizard mode and zaps some fun from the game and describes almost every game played. Great game by Sega that has been overlooked for years.
6 years ago
Jurassic Park: Lost World is a brutal game. You will hit targets and by the time you can react your ball has already drained. The game has great flow and is a fun game for the cheap price they go for. The grabber toy is pretty neat too. The egg does take too much of the playfield view for my taste. The rules are what brings this one down. You need to finish each one to light it. Most games, you are lucky to get one lit, making getting to the wizard mode seem impossible. There is fun to be had here, but the brutal nature can = about the same in frustration.
6 years ago
You can tell Data East really tried to compete with B/W at the time. They threw in pretty much everything on this game. They saw how successful TAF was, so they copied the rules for starting missions and added magnets under the playfield. I really wanted to like this game, but the poor playfield layout does not make it much fun. There is no flow to the game making it feel clunky. I am also not a fan of the two scoops in the center of the playield always stopping the action. The game does have a deep rule set, has pretty good dot matrix animation and does a great job with the theme. The ripper shot is awesome. For all the pinball goods this game has, I feel it all does not quite come together in the end.
8 years ago
Dirty Harry is a tough game that requires tight shots and grows on you the more you play it. Like BSD and Shadow, Dirty Harry is not very approachable for new players. But give it time and you will see how awesome it is. The main shotgun modes are fun and require you to make the different shots on the playfield. The added strategy of when to start the magazine awards is fun to set up. The magnum bullets sound effects are great. Safe house awards also are fun, but would have been nice to randomize them. The main multi-ball is challenging as is making arrests in Crime Wave. Jackpot shots in Dirty Harry are very satisfying. Custom speech from Clint Eastwood is great as you would expect it to be. Dot matrix animation is also very well done...especially the Crime Wave intro.
*Sample drop target makes it a much better game and should have been kept in production games. It speeds up the game keeping the ball in play, and adds randomness to the gameplay.
Dirty Harry is hugely underrated, and Barry Oursler's best game.
8 years ago
Batman is one of my favorite games by Stern. Similar to Williams BSD in that it may seem like a simple game at first, but what is done with the little that is there is awesome. The stacking of multiballs is fun and addicting. The scarecrow crane is durable and a great toy for Stern. Love the satisfying Joker target shot. The risk / reward jackpot setup with starting Bat Signal multiball is awesome and really gets your heart racing. By far the worse thing about the game is the rules still need some work. Lucius Fox will be the last light on the playfield you need to get to the wizard mode. He requires WAY to many shots making wizard mode too difficult to get to / boring for this one reason. Also wish Bat Missions were more exciting. Still a great overlooked game by Stern.
8 years ago
World Cup Soccer 94 has a great playfield design with many satisfying shots. I can not imagine the theme executed any better. The game has great flow, and is just tons of fun for all skill levels. The call outs match the action in game which is great. The final match against Germany is fun having to manually launch the balls into play & sudden death / tie is a rush. Easter eggs in "Where's Striker" is awesome. This is by far my favorite JPOP game. The few things that bring it down are: the magna save is pretty worthless, the soccer ball is just ok, the art package backglass & cabinet are not great and hearing "Goal" yelled at you can get old. Really wish the TV awards were random / changed with the jets too. This would have made it a better game. Still one of the best bank-for-the-buck games out there.
10 years ago
WHO dunnit has excellent music / sound with tons of speech. The murder / mystery theme is really cool with some great DMD animations. I like how the background story for the characters is in the manual and the answers in game reference parts of the history. Roof chase is done well with the moving shots. I give the design team a lot of credit for creating a very different experience with pinball. All of the above is "A" list, but is the game fun to play? Sadly for me the answer is not really. Almost all the shots in the game end in a ball stoppage. This stop-and-go gameplay gets old really fast. Neat game in a big collection, or to play once in a while on location. The game concept is better than the gameplay.
10 years ago
NBA Fastbreak is a fun underrated machine. The theme is done really well. With the scoring like real Basketball, gives this game a different feel than other B/W games at the time. The art package for me is only so-so. All in all a great bang for the buck machine.
**Playing this game competitively with two machines linked side by side is awesome. Games are really fast and intense. Hitting a 3 pointer as the 4th quarter buzzer sounds to go up by one on your buddy is crazy fun!
10 years ago
This is one of the best games for those new to pinball. The game is fairly easy to play, but can be enjoyed by all skill levels. Playfield design is great and is just tons of fun to play. I really like the tough super score / Amy shot for the Super Jackpot. The rules of this game is a departure from the norm of other B/W titles of the 90's. This gives Congo a refreshing feel. Volcano ramp is a tough and very satisfying shot thru the jets. The music fits the jungle theme perfectly. Great low production game that is finally getting some respect.
10 years ago
I am a huge Elvis fan, so I had high expectations for this game. This is a very good art package from Stern. Playfield design is also very good with great flow. The upper playfield is designed well with the Heartbreak Hotel a tough & fun shot to make. The huge problem for me with this game is the limited Elvis music with vocals. And the music that is there is not the full song, but just a few verses. This along with some of his best missing "Suspicious Minds", "Kentucky Rain", "The Ghetto" etc. drop this from what could have been a great game down to just an OK one.
10 years ago
The first thing you will notice playing NASCAR is the ball going around the playfield after launching the ball. This is neat for the first 3-4 games. After that it takes way too long and is very annoying. The art package is below average, and the sound on this one is really bad. This game is probably the fastest pin Pat Lawlor has designed, but also is one of his worst. Game has a few fun moments, but is a below average game for me.
10 years ago
This is a game for expert players only. You need extensive playtime on this one to really appreciate what it has to offer. The object of the game is the big setup to get all 3 multi-balls going at the same time. Doing so will double (with two) and triple (with three) your jackpot values. This is extremely hard to do and you will have 20 bad games or so to every good one. But when you do have that one good game and get everything dialed in, Dracula has IMO the best multi-ball in pinball. The adrenaline rush you get when Dracula is screaming "Thirty Million" at you is unmatched. Some may say, there are not enough modes. But with this game I disagree. If it was a mode based game, I think focus too much would be taken away from the constant set up. This game is a one-of-a-kind gem.
10 years ago
Great theme and art package for Stern. Added figures on the playfield look great. The addition of the Navi Ball is fun, but not implemented into the rules as well as TZ years before it. The captive ball lock is a neat idea, and works well. This game has one of the worse rule packages I have seen. After every ball you loose your progress towards the wizard mode. This makes Avatar really a one ball game. I enjoy challenging games, but this unfairly makes Avatar difficult in a frustrating way. The fact that this is unchangeable in the options too is unacceptable. The playfield design is not all that great either. Add all these things up and you have a below average machine based on a great movie.
10 years ago
TOM is an art masterpiece. The mirror by the jet rollover lanes looks awesome. On art package alone, this and TOTAN are as good as it gets. Theme is cool, and I like the magnasave. Unfortunately, it all goes downhill from there for me. The sound package is not very good. The woman's voice and call outs get annoying very quickly. The trunk is not that interesting of a toy, and they break easily. I am not a fan of the inner loop behind the trunk. The game is too easy for good players. Underneath the good looks, I do not see an A quality title based on playability, but a very average one. IMO this is one of the most overrated DMD games of the 90's.
10 years ago
TZ is the best stop-n-go pinball machine ever made. Best use of magnets ever in a pinball machine. The mini playfield with magnet flippers is absolute genius. Awesome game with a great layout, rules, toys and theme. The "Powerball" is another feature that is really cool and just adds to an already near perfect package. The backglass is one of the best there is. Negatives are few, but the cabinet art could have been better, the yellow target by the slot machine gets bent back and balls bash the scoop and the clock is usually broken. This machine cost alot to make and it shows. Easily Pat Lawlor's best game IMO.
10 years ago
TAF started mode based pinball for the DMD era with great modes like "Tunnel Hunt", "Seance" and "Raise the Dead". The playfield layout of this game is near perfect. Pinheads and non pinball players know of and love this game. The magnets really make this one special. Every game can seem fresh not knowing how the balls will react when "The Power" is on. The multiball start light show is still one of the best ever, only the one in MB is better IMO. The game is a bit too easy for good players, and it is starting to show its age against titles like Tron and AC/DC. *Gold version adds in extra animations, sound and rewards. This improves the games playability from the original release. The gold plastic on the jets, thing box etc. is extremely ugly compared to the nice colors of the original.
10 years ago
T2 is a pioneer game. Great theme that everyone likes. Was really good for its time, but like TAF is showing its age compared with newer Stern titles like Tron & AC/DC. It was the first game to really start the "fan" layout that would be copied many times over and done better later on (AFM & MM). It has the first video mode in pinball which is cool. The gun on the playfield is ok, but again has been done better on later machines like STTNG. Landmark game for DMD era, but average compared to the great stuff that followed.
10 years ago
Johnny Mnemonic is very original. It plays super fast and keeps you coming back for more. I really like the strategy of the matrix. You want to lock the ball on a good reward, yet place it somewhere you can make the shot easy in MB that is set to that matrix location. On top of that if you get 3 balls in a row you get 3X jackpots. They took a great idea from STTNG by having you collect items at Crazy Bob's after completing missions. The "Power Down" wizard mode is awesome with the different sections of the playfield going out GI and all. Awesome game and a mystery to me why it is not in more demand. IMO George Gomez's best game.
10 years ago
Medieval Madness, absolute pinball perfection. Everyone involved put out their best work on this machine. The artwork is very detailed, funny and it has one of the best backglasses in pinball history. The sound / music is top notch with very funny quotes from the numerous characters involved. I love the rare but awesome Mortal Kombat "Toasty" & "Fatality" quotes on the right ramp. The rules are the best and most complete package in pinball history. Barnyard Madness, is a perfect example of a fun mode that was a complete surprise. Easy for anyone to play, but even better for wizards. The final battle is tough to get to, and truly satisfying and hard to complete. Best wizard mode in pinball IMO. There is a reason this game sits at #1, and I do not see any game knocking it off the throne.
10 years ago
Elvira Scared Stiff has a great theme and is fun to play. The multi-layered backglass with the spider is awesome. Game has some really good music and great quotes from the mistress of the dark. The problem with this game is it is way too easy to complete the modes. The "Scared Stiff" wizard mode is fun and I love the heart beating sound. The only thing difficult in this game is trying to complete the spider wheel. Doing so makes this a two shot game as you repeat right ramp and then the right hole. Getting spider awards is neat and adds some to the gameplay. When you finally get to spider mania, it is a bit of a letdown. Great replay animation / sound with the other B/W games. Good game, but it is overrated IMO.
10 years ago
This game was the best value in pinball for many years. Finally people are realizing how good it is. It has a fun family theme, that is great for everyone. The Insanity Falls ramp is the best ramp in pinball. WW has the best factory topper in pinball. This is the best multi level playfield game ever created. This is a control game, forcing you to make all the shots to advance down the river. The strategy involved in this one is awesome. When do you want to cash in on the advance raft? When do you want to start 5X playfield scoring? The set up during multiball start is genius too giving you a chance at 2X or 3X jackpots for that multiball. This game is loaded with humor and fun things to find like "Camera Craze" and "Gold Rush". Lets not forget the very cool Vacation Planner idea leading up to the Amazing Vacation Jackpot finale. Dennis Nordman's best game.
10 years ago
AFM is the first machine to perfect the "Fan" layout that would be copied many times over. This game has great flow and multiballs. IMO it has the best Super Jackpot in pinball. The sound is top notch with many funny quotes. In a dark room, Strobe multiball may be the best feature ever in a pinball machine to date. Secrets like cow attack and "Dirty Pool" are fun to find. The wizard mode is tough to reach and very satisfying to complete. Easily one of the best pinball machines ever made. Fun for new players, but even better for wizards. The only thing keeping this from a perfect score for me is the playfield and cabinet art could have been better.
10 years ago
STTNG is the game that got me hooked on pinball. The theme is integrated into the gameplay perfectly. The multball against the Borg is intense and having to repair your shields before you can attack for jackpots is genius. It has the best use of guns on a playfield. The custom speech by the full cast is one of the best in pinball. Having to collect dilithium crystals along the way to the "Final Frontier" was another brilliant idea. The hidden "poker night" video mode is also fun. IMO Steve Ritchie's best game. The only thing I can say bad about this machine is its a mechanical nightmare.
10 years ago
TAF started mode based pinball for the DMD era with great modes like "Tunnel Hunt", "Seance" and "Raise the Dead". The playfield layout of this game is near perfect. Pinheads and non pinball players know of and love this game. The magnets really make this one special. Every game can seem fresh not knowing how the balls will react when "The Power" is on. The multiball start light show is still one of the best ever, only the one in MB is better IMO. The game is a bit too easy for good players, and it is starting to show its age against titles like Tron and AC/DC.
10 years ago
Demolition man has one of the worst art packages from a 90's Bally/Williams game. The music & sound on the other hand is just awesome with some great callouts. Playability is what really counts, and here this machine scores well. DM has many winding ramps that flow together really well. I enjoy using the gun handles instead of the regular flippers. It gives this game a unique feel to anything else on the market. Combo heavy ruleset also sets this game apart from other games as is the ability to "Freeze" balls which changes how many you have during MB. "Smithers bonus" EE and animation is great. Captive car is different and fits the theme. Cryoclaw toy for me is only so-so. Great bang-for-the buck game, and the best value in pinball right now IMO.
10 years ago
TFTC is easily Data East's best game. I really like the theme and they did a great job doing it right by not holding back on the gore and made really an adults only machine. The dotmatrix animation on this one is excellent. Eyeballs exploding, chainsaws cutting faces in half and decapitations in all its dotmatrix greatness can only be found here and most likely never again. This game is very deep, and it is not easy to reach the "Crypt Jam". Right 180 ramp is a tough shot and very unique. Trick shot leading to the right flipper is neat too. Multiball is frequent and fun. (Electric chair multiball is a standout) Great undervalued machine that holds its own with A titles if you can stomach the theme.
10 years ago
Monster Bash IMO is one of the best machine for someone new to pinball or guests. When people come over, this is the go to game most like best. The Frankenstein multiball start light show / animation is the best in history. The Monster Bash start light show is also top notch. Sound quotes are extremely funny and fun. The toys are also some of the best out there. This game has great multi ball action and is just tons of fun. Going for the 6 monster stack is extremely challenging and fun to set up.
10 years ago
Road Show may have the best playfield layout ever. It has multiple modes, flippers, targets, ramps etc. I feel that it almost has too many modes and I would have preferred a few less, but with ending animations for the ones that are there. Being forced to go across the US makes sense, but having the option to have the modes be random would have made the game better. With the rules as-is you get some of the modes much more than others. Dot matrix animation is excellent, with only IJ better for a Bally/Williams game. Good game that I am sure was expensive to make, but lacks that special charm found in earlier Lawlor games TAF and TZ.
10 years ago
The playfield layout on this machine is very well done. I also think they did a great job on the cabinet art / backglass with the rose plunger and gun. Data East really put a lot into this machine to compete with the Bally/Williams quality that was out at the time. Big problem with this machine for me is the sound quality. I am a huge GNR fan, but a band pin needs good sound and this is a letdown on this machine. The dotmatrix animation is very poor and almost feels like a pre-DMD era game . Video mode has no randomness to it and is so bad I wish there was a way to disable it. This is a good effort from Data East, but these few flaws hold it from greatness.
10 years ago
If you want a machine to look at, this is an art masterpiece. It has a great theme, dot matrix animation, and I love the storybook presentation. The problem for me is the game is too easy. I finished it my first time playing the game and I did not even know what I was doing. If the rules were better, I can see this being a AAA title, but as is, it does not do it for me. This game gets boring very fast. IMO one of the most overrated DMD games from the 90's. The final battle looks cool, but there is no challenge to it. Good for those new to pinball, but not for players.
10 years ago
If you are an X-files fan, some of the artwork on this machine is pretty good. You will pick up little things others will not understand for example the bees, Morley smoke etc. The backglass also IMO is very good. The problem with this game is where it really counts, the gameplay. It just is not that fun to play. The overall quality of the machine is also not very good.
10 years ago
The Shadow is IMO the best machine you can buy for the money. It is a players machine that is very difficult and requires a lot of thought when playing to score well. You may not like it much at first, but give it time and you will be hooked. The sound on this machine is excellent, the ramp diverters are very unique and the wizard mode is one of the best there is. The sanctum lock is also very cool. The replay animation is worth noting too, because it is the best one in pinball.
10 years ago
Indiana Jones is one of the best DMD games out there. It has top notch, sound, the best dot matrix animation ever in a Bally / Williams machine, and a very deep rule set. All 3 video modes are great, and a wizard mode that is challenging and fun. Very few other games are loaded with as much as this game has to offer.

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