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79 days ago
Part of what makes this game great is simply the build qualityZ everything about it feels right, the flow is great and the theme is an excellent representation of the movie.
6 months ago
Really nothing like any other game out there. Great theme and it is just a lot of fun
1 year ago
I can’t get enough of it. It’s campy and fun, but also not a joke. Everything about the shots work together, the pace is good and the points system even seems fair. Job well done and while nothing seems worth the crazy amount of $ I don’t feel bad about this one!
1 year ago
It’s so much better than I thought it would be, never mind the “smart” phone in the playing field which almost made me not buy it - shots are smooth, playfield is well laid out and it is just a great addition to my collection.
1 year ago
This game is just plain fun. Easily a top 50 game for me. Cannot stop playing it. If you like ramps and gimmicks for a good price grab the Flintstones
2 years ago
It really is that good. After a few months (like many games for me) the obsession wore off - but still awesome game. Something overall about the layout just did not do it for me as much as some other games, but if I had more space I’d keep forever
2 years ago
Just played 3 games so I don’t qualify as expert. It wasn’t begging me to come back for more though. Something about the plunger button and the way the ball introduced to play kind of bugged me. Extremely satisfying to hit some of the shots. It’s a slick machine. Don’t know if I’d ever buy one but I’d certainly put quarters into it.
2 years ago
One of the best games ever.
2 years ago
Even better than advertised. The video integration, the music, the shots - it’s all awesome. You don’t have to be a fan of Batman to love this game, but I am, and it does the show and pinball justice.

Edit - after having it for a few months decided to trade. I came to realize there was very little flow in the game - theme integration excellent but sitting between Ghostbusters and Metallica Pros it was not getting played as much as those by far.
2 years ago
I’ve owned Ghostbusters about 8 months now and I’m glad I’ve waited to write this review. It just keeps growing on me.

I don’t know that I’ll ever completely understand the rules and scoring, but that is ok. There is so much here.

This game is not easy, and I can see that being a negative. I have the newest software and apparently that makes a difference, but sometimes you can do everything right and lose two balls quickly, no matter what.

Overall an awesome game, tons of features, lots of targets, never an easy game.
2 years ago
I read a lot of reviews before I decided to start hunting for one of these. I played it probably 15 years ago and had a good feel in general (I should have just went with that). Ignore the negative reviews, go get it! There are so many great things going on with this playfield. Is it perfect? No - but it is just awesome. I bought Metallica which is awesome (made in 2013 and ranked 14 here) at almost the same time as the Simpson Pinball Party (made in 2003 and ranked 26). Like them both but the Simpsons has so so much more going for it.
2 years ago
If you can find this game, buy it. Everyone that plays it after playing new “fancier” games comments on how they wish they had a Road Show instead. There is just so much to get into as you advance across the country. The Red and Ted heads are awesome (did not think I’d like them long term). See if you can find the hidden sound bite from another Lawlor game ...
2 years ago
I like it just because it is good, simple mid 90s fun. I love the ramps, I like the placement of the flippers and the wide open playing field. Few little quirks have grown on me. It is exactly what I wanted for the price I paid and I find I play it more than I thought I would.
2 years ago
I owned it and could not get rid of it fast enough. I know some people love it but it just felt cheap - I don’t really like the overdone accents and it got in my head, not in a good way.

The person that I traded with really seems to enjoy it so all is well that ends well.
2 years ago
Before trading for this game I got mixed reviews. Something told me to just move forward despite only playing it long ago. I love it. I am a big fan of ramps and loops and Judge Dredd has plenty. It’s got hard shots, easy shots and many in between. Well earned ranking and a keeper.

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