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3 years ago
Have owned an AFMr SE for a couple of years now. Amazing game. Rules aren't terribly deep, but it plays so well.
3 years ago
Have owned a Hobbit for a year now. I'm still learning new things about it. Easy for casual players to get a multiball going, but very deep rules to keep more experienced players entertained. Plus the theme integration is second to none!
5 years ago
**Ratings revised for 1.01 code**
This game is fantastic now. It took a little while to get from the initial code to where we are today, but if you haven't had a chance to play this game on new code I'd urge you to do so.

**Ratings now on 0.95 code**

Some more improvement over the last code release. There is a lot more depth to this game now and I'm spending a lot of time learning new bits about it.

**Ratings now on 0.90 code**

Game code has made a huge jump up from the previous revision. It'slike a whole new game now.

**Ratings edited based on code 0.87**

Original review based on code 0.81

I'm an owner of this machine and have a decent number of plays on it now. Physical aspects of the game are excellent. The areas the game could be improved are in the coding and rules. Hopefully new code releases keep coming from Stern. Lighting, music, and artwork are all great. Family and friends are having a blast playing this pin.

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