It was 1994...

By NuclearNomad

May 27, 2019

4 months ago

...and being a fresh transfer into a new college was a wave of various new sights, sounds, and hazy memories of previous nights.  I’ll never forget how Pat Lawlor tripped me head first into the world of pinball.  There was a pretty sweet rec area at the student center on campus, and I was always game for earning some side tuition/book/drinking/date money playing 9-ball on one of the 16 billiards tables.  One particular day all the tables were occupied and with 3 hours to my next class, it was either table tennis, commute home and back again, or throw away some quarters in some video games or pinball.  

I reeked at most of the video games now on the frontlines.  My era was Defender, Galaga, Dig Dug, Sinistar, Operation Wolf, Dragon’s Lair, etc.  Never was good at the plethora of fighting games that littered the floor.  So I made up my mind to try pinball, and from the moment I drained my first Twilight Zone balls down the middle I had to go again.  That game became my electric drug.  Put in quite a few $$$ on Junkyard, WhiteWater, Addams Family, Jurassic Park, STNG, and various others that passed through that rec center over the years, but in my blood.  As soon as I got my degree and a steady job I had to purchase one for my home...and well, that’s how it starts isn’t it...then 1 becomes 2, then 3.....

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3 months ago
I just bought myself a TZ yesterday. The game is so rad!
51 days ago
Everyone says they multiply. I definitely found that to be true for me.

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