I grew up in arcades, but never played pinball until now!

By Notapinwiz

April 05, 2023

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57 days ago

Having been born in the early 70's I remember my grandparents taking us to buy candy cigarettes, garbage pail kids, and 10 for $1 tokens on Tuesday's at Aladdin's castle! I spent many days in that arcade playing Mappy, Moonpatrol, Tron, Flicky, Dragon's Lair, Gauntlet, Ikari Warriors, Contra, Karate Champ, 1942, and so many more. Then once home consoles became more popular we spent more time at home playing and less arcade. You would think over the years that I would have played more pinball. Sure I played a game or two, but I thought it was luck instead of skill so I kept playing the games I was good at. In reality it was just me who sucked at pinball (and I still do), but watching some others on youtube play now I certainly see there's much more to playing and being good. My brother bought 6 EM's and 1 SS over the last couple of years so I played some more at his house and got the itch. The wife and I don't play console games much anymore so when she said she liked the idea of playing pinball I jumped at the chance to start looking and bought a Firepower and a Rescue 911 this past year. We're looking for our next so I'll be lurking and learning like I have for the past year. I likely won't post a lot since I really don't know anything about what most of you know and love, but thanks in advance for all of the information you guys put out. Cheers !!

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44 days ago

Right on! That’s cool you and your wife share an interest in the hobby together. Good luck on your hunt for the next game!

40 days ago

I like you was born in the early 70s and loved the arcades. I loved Dragons Lair, Burgertime, Robotron, Front Line, Crazy Climber, and Dig Dug. It was an incredible time yet my family didn't have money so if I got a dollar I needed to choose my games wisely lol.
I started really getting into pinball a few years ago and now have 7 Spike 2 games and 1 Sam including 12 arcades. Learning my way into the hobby and I am truly now an addict.
Have fun in the hobby.

37 days ago

Code - Thanks we now have our next pin.... Avengers Infinity Quest Premium. Although I've read many feel the rules are too much we had played it locally many times and as currently not very good players lol we enjoy the layout, ramps and shots. Since we aren't very good it gives us plenty of room to grow as players and with it being not as highly regarded as other titles it was great bang for the buck for us.

Nextplat12 - My grandpa would give my brother and I a couple of bucks on 10 tokens for $1 day. Like everything else including our recent pin purchase I try to get the most bang for my buck. That may have had a part in me not playing pinball back then. I had to play the things I was good at to make it last. Ah Burgertime, Robotron and Dig Dug I played a bunch of also. Never played Front Line or Crazy Climber though. Sounds like you have a very nice collection in a short time. We would like to add a multicade to our collection at some point to play all the old games again.

33 days ago

Seems like we all have similar experiences, sounds a lot like my own story! Cheers!

29 days ago

We share a similar-ish background. Especially in the area of Pinball. I know I played it, but I don't remember it much. No I can't get it out of my head. I wished I had picked this up years ago when pinball was still somewhat affordable. As is I'm going to have to start a go-fund-me page before this sickness bankrupts us.

24 days ago

To keep us from buying too many things my wife and I opened a joint account with each of us direct depositing a small portion of our checks into it for vacations, emergencies, and home improvements. This year was going to be new doors for the house, but pinball won instead.... and now she wants deadpool.

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