hulk biscuit

hulk biscuit

By notadude

August 13, 2018

5 months ago

It began with a visit with my parents to their friend's house.  In the basement was an Incredible Hulk machine.  Mom balanced me on a chair while I played.  I was entranced with the whole thing -the colors, the lights, the noise.  Most of all, I loved the ability to be three years old and have so much at my command with a mere push of a button.  Pinball was it.  

Later while we were upstairs being dinner guests and my mom was anxious to show what a model toddler she had raised (I was usually such a well-behaved child),  I had nothing but pinball on my mind.  When I found my three-year-old self unable to make the executive decision that I needed pinball more than dinner, I began to throw a temper-tantrum.  My mom tried to distract my fit by giving me a dinner biscut to eat.     I crushed my dinner biscuit into tiny crumbs in an act of protest.  I wouldnt get to play the Incredible Hulk again until the 2017 Sturbridge Pintastic Expo.  The fabled lesson here: 

§ When pinball lurks in the basement, a biscuit soon will be crumbled.§  

As an adult, I have the ability to chooose pinball over my dinner biscuit, and so I do.  Together with my equally pinball-obsessed girlfriend we have traveled to some really fantastic places to play:

  • Laconia, NH:  an annual trip (sometimes two) to the boardwalk and Funspot.  
  • Pelham, NH:  to the Pinball Wizard Arcade (RIP)
  • Sturbridge, MA:  Pintastic - two years and counting!
  • Montreal, CA:  Northstar hipster pinball bar
  • Cleveland, OH:  The super electric pinball parlor
  • Lansing, MI:  Pinball Pete's
  • Chicago, IL:  Logan Arcade
  • Malvern, PA:  The Pinball Gallery - a wonderful family-owned and operated pinball arcade just outside Philly
  • Burlington, VT:  Tilt (we miss you so much); the Pinball Co-Op, and few other machine scattered around here

This summer (2018) we finally bought our first machine!  Aces & Kings now sits in our parlor.  We were fortunate enough to have a few friends who dropped everything to come help us transport the machine to our place and give me a quick tutorial on EM mantainence.  It was great to see people lend a hand for our first machine purely for the love of pinball.

I'm hoping to find a similar spirit on this online forum.  Yes, I'm not a dude.  No, I am not a supreme expert on things, but especially not pinball. I still need a lot of guidance as I navigate my first EM machine.   I'm here to share my story and to be part of a bigger, nerdier, pinball community and hopefully get some help along the way. 

Lastly, as a queer woman, I would love to see a bit more diversity in the pinball world.  Dudes, you're great, but let's continue to make this a place where everyone feels welcome.  


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5 months ago
Welcome to the community. And congratulations on purchasing your first machine. I can almost guarantee it won't be your last.
5 months ago
Welcome, Blanche.
4 months ago
Dear Blanche,

You could say you Hulk-Smashed that biscuit!

Everyone is welcome in the Pinball Universe. It's one of the few hobbies/passions I know of where the people aren't as judgmental of each other, as the machines we love. We are definitely judgmental when it comes to weak flippers and impossible skill shots.

Enjoy your new pinball... there's a lot to learn, it's a fun ride. <3

4 months ago
Glad you were here and I for one, welcome the diversity! It’s so awesome to have people of all walks of life enjoy the game. Hope to meet you sometime
3 months ago
Thanks everyone!!
3 months ago
Cool first machine. Love to see more people in our area into pinball. WELCOME!
84 days ago
Great story. We had my great nephew try my Xenon a few years ago. It was neat to see a 3 year old get into it but alas he didn't get the bug. Now he only comes to my house to play arcade games and things from his toy box. Thanks for sharing. ^_^
78 days ago
Great to hear about your passion for pinball ,at such a young age. I didn’t get the obsession for pinball until I was in my early teens. This is most likely the best site on the planet for pineheads like myself. What makes this site so good , is the diversity of it members, so I would like to welcome you.. Thanks for the great story ,and if you ever need another chair to stand on with your em machine, there are great people on this site that are happy to help anyone. Cheers! CanadianMike.

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