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By northerndude

December 11, 2020

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1 year ago

OK, had to adjust, I think I had too much swearing.  Hey all, this prob will be rated higher than PG because I like to say #$% and f#$%in' a lot.  Like the pinside community is pretty friggin' awesome.  Is this gonna be too long?  I hope you don't fall asleep reading.  I also talk too much,  and probably a shitty story teller.     Man, i've waited to make a write up to maybe show how far i've progressed and maybe tell my pin-tale.

Kinda starts out years before I wa a pinhead, but years after I had played my last pinball machine.  I chucked some quarters in the very early 90's in the pins and arcades in the small, dank,. dark room porch area off to the side of my local corner store.  I loved being able to try to get a free game, and play some SFII.  I was born in '77, so for me I hit the jackpot for being of an age to get into consoles in the mid-late 80's and being able to play some all time classics in the arcade in the my early teens.  I was never a big arcade kid, but what a decent place to hang and spend a bit of money.  I was always too cheap to toss ALL of my money into an arcade, as it was normal for me to rent the newest movie I could and have a little left over for a treat.

Around 2010-12 I was looking at pinballs if there was ever any on kijiji (canadian craigslist) and one I saw was a Star Trek (STTNG) and it was for sale or trade.  I thought, hmm, I have a snowmobile that I havent been using, maybe I can offer that up.  I made an offer to see it it was decent value swap, I got basically NO, you dumbass, trade for another pin.  Me.....ohhhhhhh, okay, well, then how much to buy, they said $1800, HOLY WOW, Eighteen hundred for a pinball machine?!?!!  Wow, Kevin, you have just been priced out of owning a pinball machine.......Well, I hadn't really thought about it for a few years but it was still in the very back of my shallow mind.  So, around '14 I started peeking again online to se if there weas any for sale, I'd se a few here and there, and I see a Fish Tales for sale in Regina, $4200, wowza.... OK, I'm older, wiser, (well, maybe not) and have a bit more money now.  I'll see what I can get, tried making an offer, didn't pan out (my cheapness following me around or what)  I was heading to Edmonton for my sons spring hockey tourney... I scoured kijiji Edmonton, I find one, another Fish Tales for sale in Sherwood Park, make a verbal deal, $3200.  I didnt know what the fuck I was getting into.   Picked it up and drove it home.  Put it on a wood box in the garage, left the legs off.  Root through it, got the glass off, holy shit... progress.  Figure I find myself a list of things to buy and i'll ge this thing tip-top.  Buy bulbs, a couple plastics that were broken, some novus products, no idea what i'm doing.  I figured I was breaking the thing lifitng the playfield, but MAN was that a nice thing, I can get UNDER the playfield?  this'll be easier.  Get it going, LOVE IT, play it a bunch, have the boys over, pinball/beers, this is great!   WHOA, pin for sale in my hometown.  It was on FB buy and sell page, buy it as fast as I could, I knew it was a good deal as I paid their posted price of $300.  Had someone pick it up for me, there, #2, shit's getting real folks.  Now I see another in the town I live, F2K two streets down, make a deal.  nNow, I really must know what the fucks going on as I'm now taking very mech and part apart and cleaning, spricing them up, now I have have some nice tuned up pins that play well. 

I buy a couple more here and there, sell a few more here and there.  I may have this figured out.  Maybe NOT, well, shit I so a full restore on my Fish Tales, clear the PF, re0do the cabinet, full everything right down to the bone.  Well, that took a frigg year, WTF am I doing?  It turned out unreal and I believe I have a beautiful pin on my hands, it's still my baby.   I don't think I'd ever be into a NIB pin.  E....V....E....R.  I'm telling the wife one night as i'm a pretty decent Rick and MOrty fan, if someone ever comes out with a R&M pin, I may have to buy it, that would be unreal.  Well, no less then a month later, out of fucking nowhwere, Rick and Morty announced from Spooky.  I say to the wife, WTF am I gonna do here, this is unreal, this is SO MUCH MONEY, she says to me.... If it makes you happy, buy it, figure it out.  OMG. ( i love you Jen)  I took possession of my R&M in June, never looked back, I love it, I love soooo much that is pinball.  I have friends that I text weekly, daily, jeez, who knows, Still never met them, but they arw my friends.  We toss ideas at each other and ask opinions...... ALOT.    I've now had a few EM's, fixed, cleaned up and moved them to new homes, bought a few SS's, sold a few, no regrets, which is cool, I thought i'd have a MASSIVE hangup being able to sell, but I like moving things to new homes.  I think I like working on pins more than I like playing, but I think i've slowly got to be a pretty decent player in the last couple years.  

Well, onward and upward, hope you enjoyed my weak assed story, I can seriously only imagine it sounds like every single pin buyer ever, with my start and pin-gression as the few years have passed. I enjoy being around you all here, and I hope to meet many, many more of you in person soon.  Beer and pinballs, sweetness.

Peace out PINHEADS!!

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1 year ago

great story, thanks for sharing!

1 year ago

Great adventure, your a lucky guy .

1 year ago

Attaboy! I wish my wife was down with my hobbsession.......
FT is a great pin and yours is a beauty, eh?!

12 months ago

Sounds like you got a keeper in your wife as well great story! Thanks for sharing!

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