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5 months ago
I can't even explain how this game didn't resonate with me. I adore the theme, big Star Wars and Mandalorian guy. I did not like the gameplay with this thing. I did not like that almost every shot was right in front of the flippers. The top 1/2 of the playfield seems to be just unused space. I'm usually a hell of a positive pinball guy. But this one wasn't for me.
LOVE The art package though.
3 years ago
Well, where so I start. This pin is just plain fun, and hard!
I’ve put over a hundred games on it now and I’ve never had the feeling of wanting to hit the start button more and more before on a pin. One reason probably because it had just kicked my ass and I want a chance to redeem myself, the other, wow, it’s just a blast to play. I get a great sense of satisfaction from making the hard shots, but the balls the game hands back to you for being shit on by it gives a novice or a medium skilled player a fulL fun factor, but I’m sure it gives a skilled pinball er a run for her or his money.

Absolutely love to try to find a pin that has the theme integrated better. So far, this is it.

Adjustments were/are needed for this unit, but none of that removes any factors from last ability, playability, artwork, sounds, call outs, fantastic tunes and the pounding bass.

After getting over the laughter of hearing a few call outs for the first time, and being able to just play. I love playing the game and I’m pumped it was made.
3 years ago
I had excitement but reservations of finally playing this. I thoroughly enjoyed playing it, it had a huge "hit the start button one more time" feeling. It was on route and wasn't totally tuned up, but great flow, good tunes and I had fun playing it.. Isn't that what its all about?!?!
4 years ago
This is a fast game. You an get in lots of trouble if the ball is on the lower 1/2 of the playfield, incorrect shot goes stdm or quickly to the outlanes :( I enjoy ripping that spinner, gratifying and sounds great with the chimes. Fun, don't know if it's a keeper yet.
4 years ago
I have had my Sky-Line for a little while now. I am enthralled with the "one more game" aspect of it for myself. The double backglass animations are fantastic and i'm totally pleased with this pin. It may not leave for a while.
4 years ago
I adore this theme, I love the artwork, and I completely love the music.
I find this a real tough shooter to be honest, i'm not a any pinball pro, but man, these are tough ramps shots. Other than those ramp shots, I don't find that there is enough shots in the game. The bank of targets right in front of the flippers takes away from a couple things, if you shoot right at them, you never know where that dang ball is going, heads up!

The progression down in decades is a fantastic addition and I enjoy the music and playing the game. I just LED'd mine and it changed the while thing, went from a dull yellow everything to a bright modern looking game!
4 years ago
I truly like this game, I don't necessarily love it, but it's fun! It serves it purpose just fine. It doesn't have the deep rules, BUT it has the shots. I like them. The rotisserie ramp selection is great and gives options. The only thing weird is the unbalanced scoring, all they had to do was level it out a bit and voila! good to go.
My family loves playing it, the wifey, the teens, and myself. We will have fun with it for a while.
5 years ago
Having fun with it, a few fun shots. Doesn't bother me but the call outs will get stale after a while. I enjoy the "split" ramp in the back, kind of a cool way to create that.

They basically filled the theme perfectly with the pin. Whether you like it or not, they definitely nailed it.
5 years ago
I played this for the first time a couple weeks ago, I was totally pleasantly surprised. I had a blast enjoying the game play, I will admit that ramp shot can/might get boring but an overall fun factor was there for myself and my sons
5 years ago

* I have played more of this pin, and have subsequently lowered my initial higher rating I had provided. After many more games out in the wild, I still absolutely love the sound package and theme, but the game play isn't quite "there" for me like I had thought. I would still own this pin, but man, I don't know if it would have the lastability for me.
5 years ago
Absolutely love it. It's a tight playfield, fast and there is no daydreaming while playing, or it's a quick drain!!
6 years ago
LOVED IT! Wish I had the dough to own it!
6 years ago
For its age, I could go back to this title over and over. I enjoy the difficulty of achieving multi-ball, and I like the speech it has (first Stern with speech). I think I will keep in my collection, but if another great title comes my way, I'm sure it could be parted with.
6 years ago
Love the theme, totally love the theme. I really enjoy the ramps, and the need to open the Bank just to start hitting the centre ramp. I love the idea of the short RR ramp, but I feel it's a bit in the way, if there was something else missing on the left side and RR ramp was set back a bit I might like it a bit more. The Mr Monopoly guy call outs are great, overall, it's a hit in our home. My family gravitates to this title the most and probably will for a long time.
6 years ago
Just an awesome game!
6 years ago
The fun factor and playability are my favourite parts of this pin. I could care less of the theme, it is what it is. But the array of bonus rounds, video modes, and the different shots are fun and it's an addicting game.
This pin is extremely underrated, it doesn't get the respect it deserves!
Edit: After about a year of playing, I love it more and more. Its a great layout and I love trying to hit the shots

Double Edit: I've had this pin for like 5 years. its still a keeper after all these years with many other pins come and gone. It's packed full of shots, ramps, high quality wireforms. So packed!

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