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7 days ago
For context, I have owned Godzilla, Deadpool, Jurassic Park, Foo Fighters, Wonka, Hobbit, Pirates, Dialed In, Wizard of Oz, GNR, Toy story, Godfather, Big Lebowski and Rick And Morty. In addition to those, I have played Medieval Maddness, Attack from Mars, Indiana Jones, Twilight zone, Addams Family…

Elton John is hands-down the best pinball machine I have ever played. In my opinion, no machine a better combination of shooting incredibly while having incredible art/light package with near perfect theme integration. I have to admit that I haven’t played many of Steve Ritchie‘s games for more than a couple casual plays in an arcade but the flow in this machine makes me understand why he has such a following.

As an Elton John fan I am probably a 6.5 out of 10. I like his music, many of the songs are catchy, but I’m not running out to concerts and listening to his music often. The lights sync up perfectly to the music, there’s humor involved in the game (like when you combine Crocodile Rock multiball and Rocketman multiball and the screen shows a Crocodile riding a rocket), and my goodness those shots are like butter. The shot from the upper flipper to get to the piano is difficult and reminds me a little bit of the garage shot in Rick And Morty but easier. The orbits are smooth as silk. Everyone in my family gravitates to this machine and many had stopped playing pinball entirely so I think this is going to have wide appeal, especially in a home context. I had my doubts when this title was announced and only pursued the machine after a friend who literally owns every single JJP and 22 other machines told me this one was heads and shoulders above the rest of his machines. His statement shocked me and I had to try it for myself. He’s 100% correct and I’ve heard it from others as well. I am sure this machine like many JJPs will get pushed down in the rankings. I already saw someone gave it a rating in the 2’s. Make sure you try this one yourself. It will hook you and make you smile.
28 days ago
I honestly am lukewarm to not liking the band but this pin is amazing. I got it in a trade and it’s one smoothest shooting pin and always has me coming back for one more game. I enjoy the flow and the speed the most. The animations are really cool and there is some good humor as well. Try this one out even if you aren’t a fan of the pin. It may surprise you.
6 months ago
This game is Eric's best in my opinion. Deep ruleset, smooth shots, improved flippers. The theme integration is top notch. I can see how the voice actor is annoying to some. It doesn't bother me, but I know a few owners who have shut him off. Beautiful artwork all over the CE and the Topper is a sight (and LOUD).
1 year ago
Have logged hundreds of games on my TS4CE. For me it’s one of the best of my collection. Fun, approachable but not too easy. Amazing art, light show, animations. The game has a Toy Story goes to the carnival feel. I really like the Tim Allen callouts and the code feels deep. The left outlane is punishing which is a Lawlor hallmark. I like it better than Wonka and Dialed In.
1 year ago
First, full disclosure. My machine has MRS magnetic switches in 8 spots, lowered the flippers with Spooky bushings and I dialed in the garage shot. After these modifications (and these modifications bring it from an 8 to a 10), I can honestly say this is the perfect combination of fast shooter, perfect theme integration and long lasting appeal of any machine I have owned and I have owned Godzilla, Deadpool, Wonka, WOZ, GNR, Dialed IN and The Big Lebowski.

Spooky has caught lightning in a bottle with Scott Danesi's incredibly creative music and layout with the standouts being the Danesi loop, the substitution of a pop bumper for a lower sling and the magna save on the right side. They locked up a theme before it most likely became cost and talent prohibitive to license such a machine. To have the creator of the show doing custom, hilarious callouts is just gold. It would be like locking up a license like Family Guy before it became a mega hit and having Seth MacFarlane doing all of the callouts. You most likely won't see it again. They even secured the rights to Jermaine Clement's song.

The Danesi loop is incredibly satisfying, the garage shot is a challenge, the adventure modes are creative and challenging and Danesi continues to update the code years later (most recently added multiple new dimensions). If you are a fan of the show, you will love having Rick berate you and if you have kids, the foul language can be reduced to bleeps.
2 years ago
I am not a die hard Godzilla movie fan but generally enjoy the character. I bought this machine without having played it because I didn’t want the price to get out of hand by the time I had actually played one. I can say without a doubt that this is the best machine I have ever played. The voice over work is perfect and funny in a campy way. The shots are smooth and satisfying. The building is an incredible toy as is Mechagodzilla. The code currently is only 0.93 and it’s excellent. I can’t even imagine it getting better. If you want to knock it, the early builds at least, lead to SDTM on the Godzilla multiball. I bought a simple mod that corrects the issue and leaves the building roof looking even better.
This game is so good that I am now seeking out the old movies so I can better appreciate the references.
2 years ago
Hugely underrated game. Never seen such incredible theme integration outside of The Big Lebowski. I also don’t think you can find a license with such deep assets. I find it to be a much more approachable WOZ for the casual player. My kids love it!
2 years ago
Game always has to be fixed. Never had to work on a machine more.
2 years ago
This is my favorite JJP game so far. Have played Wonka, WOZ, Dialed IN and this one. I have owned LE for two weeks and feel the need to upgrade to the CE as this is going to be a keeper for me. Wish I had ordered CE originally!
3 years ago
A fully loaded game. The shots are smooth and the lighting is amazing. The voice acting is really great. Even on super easy, this is a very challenging pin. Will be frustrating until you fully understand the rules. Even after you fully understand the rules, you will cry as the ball hits the left outline triggering the very difficult No Place Like Home ball save.
The Yellow is incredible in person. I have Wonka CE too and they complement each other very well. So far, I have Wonka as the superior pin, but I need more time with WOZ YBR before I can say for sure.
4 years ago
If you are a fan of this movie, this game is out of this world. In my opinion, it gives you all of the great lines and most of the great scenes of the movie. My young kids absolutely love the game as it's easy to play get the hang of, but difficult to master. Perfect theme for the family.

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