Secret Santa Background Info, or, a Lesson in Slippery Slopes

By nogoodnames222

November 16, 2019

22 days ago

My name's Alex, I'm 26 and have been been playing pinball in earnest for the last half year or so, though I enjoyed it casually for most of my life. Earlier this year I was given the opportunity to route an arcade game (Initial D) at a friend's barcade which was a fun experience, so when given the chance to put a pinball machine at the arcade I jumped on it. I grabbed a High Speed that was for sale locally and the addiction began. Fast forward a few more months and I've replaced the HS at the arcade with a Hobbit Black Arrow (which will hopefully come home soon), and I've got a Lord of the Rings in my basement next to a Williams Cabaret EM. My girlfriend and I are big JRR Tolkien nerds which made the Hobbit + LOTR easier for her to swallow. Other hobbies include Japanese cars (I've owned a string of old Nissans), mid century furniture/design, and taking care of our dogs, we've got two greyhounds. I still play a lot of arcade + classic videogames, but recently pinball has been taking over as I joined a local league and have been having a blast getting better at the game and meeting some great guys.

As far as gift ideas, I've got no huge expectations and would love to get some stickers, koozies, or anything related to pinball. If you're looking for bigger ideas, my Hobbit is completely stock and I'd like just about any mod for it, a cool cup holder is at the top of my list. My LOTR is fairly loaded, though I'd really like to replace the green trough light with a white one (not a huge fan of colored GI). I've got some photos in my gallery of my games for reference. I'm also still very new to pinball maintenance, any products you've had good experience with would be very appreciated (tools or wax or anything). For t shirts I'm a large. If I somehow get matched with Gary Stern, I'll take an Iron Maiden :)

I hope whoever reads this has fun with it and has a good holiday season.

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