Flipprojets team on Pinside

Flipprojets team on Pinside

By noflip95

September 09, 2017

12 days ago

Hello Pinsiders,

My name is Thierry and I live in France. With my brother François, we create the FLIPPROJETS team as we have some skill in electronics and computers.
Of course, we love pinballs and we played a lot of on the Gottlieb SYS 80.

We develop many projects, like special ROM for FREEPLAY on Gotllieb SYS80B, convert some SYS80 pinballs to SYS80A (as the 7's digits Black Hole).
We also create our own SECURITY PIC for WPC-S, WPC-95 that can replace the orginals and keep the same serial number.

You can take a look at our projects at: www.flipprojets.fr (French and English website).

Story photos

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