A Passion for Playing Games

A Passion for Playing Games

By Noddy2706

July 13, 2018

4 months ago

I have always loved games and gaming.

Becoming a teenager in the early 80's I enjoyed pinball machines but quickly gravitated towards digital games like Space Invaders & Galaga. This led to late 80's personal computer based gaming, online & LAN gaming in the late 90's and consoles over the past 10 years.

With kids all grown up and spare space at home I am building a games room / man-cave which has triggered my first pinball machine purchase. AC/DC Luci Premium VE ordered and due for delivery in September '18.

The idea of taking my passion for gaming full circle to where it began is really exciting for me..!!

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3 months ago
Congrats on the AC/DC purchase! Such a fun game. Welcome to Pinside! It really is a great community. Just sift through the noise and you will be fine. You won't find a more passionate and helpful group on the planet.
3 months ago
Get some 80s arcade games too.

I have a ms pac, asteroids, battlezone, centipede, star wars, crystal castles, galaga

It's great!

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