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August 27, 2011

8 years ago

I got my first machine in 1975 (a '59 Williams Golden Bells). Got the bug from my childhood best friend who had a '54 Gottlieb Stage Coach (which was the first machine I ever played in my life)--I later bought that exact machine from him in 1981--and still own it to this day.

Do all my own repairs. Currently working on--what I hope will turn out to be : )--a CQ restoration on my AFM. Recently received my original PF back from HEP and will soon start detailing/restoring every part on the game (original cabinet screening is unfaded, so only painting/sanding the inside & cabinet bottom).

Current lineup is: ACDC PREM, AFM, CFTBL, CV, HUO FGY, FT, MB (restored by Kelly & HEP), MM, NGG, HUO SM, SS, STTNG, TAF, ToM, TOTAN, TRON LE, TSPP, TZ, WH2O, W?D, and my old 1954 Gottlieb Stage Coach.

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8 years ago
Welcome, you will surley end up with many more. They are like rabbits
8 years ago
looks like you have a nice line up

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