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2 years ago
Fantastic pin! Played it enough to appreciate the theme. Love Elvira!
2 years ago
For a pin that was made in 1992 still holds strong to this day. It's the complete pinball machine and deserves to be in everyone's collection. I sold mine years ago, but I would LOVE to have one back. The theme is what does it for me along with the rules, music, lights and layout. There's so many unique things about this machine from The Thing's hand to the knocks in the cabinet, all very memorable stuff. This was the best selling pinball of all time, and yet it's hard to find one nowadays.
2 years ago
There's a reason you can't find this pin anywhere. Everyone wants to keep it. True 90's pin. From the music, the theme, the artwork, it's all there. The game sucks you in from the beginning with the skill shot. Game is challenging and at times you'll get frustrated with the ball going up the middle and coming back down through the flippers, but that's pinball baby. This is a pin I'll be keeping in my collection for a very long time.
2 years ago
Beautiful pinball machine. It has everything, toys, shots, lights, game modes (if you upgrade to 2.0 which almost everyone has). You cannot walk by this machine without playing it. It's a keeper for me and I'll never sell it. One of the greatest machines of all time!
2 years ago
Quality is written all over this game. Jersey Jack is definitely the leader in building a quality game. The Hobbit has everything and keeps you coming back for more. It's extremely beautiful, and the LED screen showcases some action packed scenes. The software is very impressive; again, high quality here. I was blown away with this pin when I first saw it on the road that I had to buy one. I play it every day. 10/10 in my books.
4 years ago
This is literally the ultimate pinball machine!