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1 year ago
It’s got an old school arcade feel with all the bells and whistles of today! I love it!!!
2 years ago
I played this game on the day it arrived at Level 257. I was a bit disappointed as the machine felt very clunky. This could have all been down to setup, but I played one set of games and then returned to Playing Batman 66. I think perhaps a better setup would have made all the difference, but my experience was quite contrary to the other JJP that they had on the floor. My better half played it after me and echoed many of the same things I said. I will defintely give it another shot once the unit has had time to break in and be dialed in. This is a MUST PLAY before throwing out your money. Hopefully this was just a bad setup and the game gets better. I REALLY wanted to like this game...
2 years ago
When this game hit the market, all I read was people bashing the game. "Code not being complete, It's a box of lights, etc." After playing this game for an hour straight, I keep on going back for more. Although I purchased GOTG LE first, this will most definitely be my next pinball. Go do yourself a favor and go play one in the wild or from someone you know. Setup makes big difference from game to game.

I will add this, Pinside is the last place I know go to for recommendations on what IS and ISN'T a good game. I've driven beautiful cars that IMHO are clunkers, and those that are despised being a treat to drive. Do yourself a favor and play it. Not just once either, but give the game some time and I believe that you might just agree with me.
2 years ago
I've spent a straight two hours playing this machine, and it's definitely a game that's going to take some time to master. The game I played was a test location prototype on location at level 257, and I did notice some functionality issues, (such as the ball catapult.) But with some further revision with code and settings, this is a fantastic machine. I once again recommend anyone adding this to there collection to go out and play one. Aesthetically it's beautiful but the true fun is in the mechanics.
2 years ago
A lot of people have spoken poorly anout this machine, but my advice is to go out there and play one. Also, play a premium or LE versus a PRO model, as I think this machine will become a cult classic in the future. I jut wish more people would play the game instead of looking at pictures online and then joining in the "drama/Hate." I'm not perfect, I've done the same, but as I become more integrated in the hobby, I now hold judgment until I've had the chance (at least an hour) to fully appreciate the game. I was luck enough to get an hour on GOTG and really enjoyed myself on the pro model. But for me, the premium/LE plays differently and feels so good under the fingers. Hopefully the code continues to update and this machine starts to get the respect it deserves. Less hate, and more playing! In conclusion, don't let the negativity of others sway your opinion. Get out there and play one and make up your own mind.
3 years ago
This is probably my all time favorite pinball game followed closely by Midevil Madness. If I could have only one pinball machine, this would be it for me. The replay value is exceptional, and the layout is just so much fun. Try it and buy it if you can! I know one day I will!