EM Mechanic Needed in Surgery Please

By Nikrox2

June 05, 2019

1 year ago

Excerpts from my personal blog….

Tuesday, May 7th

This is it!  The day I go in for my new knee!  Something I’ve been wanting to do for years, but hadn’t got up the nerve.

We went in and the hospital sends me straight to pre-op, and getting me all settled in. My fiancé is with me all the way from the time I enter the hospital doors to the operating room.

Funny thing – as I’m lying on the gurney to go into the operating room, I’m on my phone looking for project pinball machines to buy when I get out, to give me something to do during my recovery time.  I’m actually texting a seller when they start taking me in, so I hand off my  phone to my fiancé, asking her to close the deal and we’ll pick up the machine on our way home…yeah, right! She closed the deal ok, but there was no way I could stop for a game the next day.  What was I thinking?

Wednesday, May 8th

I woke up to the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life. I guess the med’s had worn off and my new knee was not liking it’s new home. But still they make me get up and walk!  I guess they know what they’re doing?   I’m off to sleep……

Thursday, May 9th

Finally, I get to go home. This was supposed to be a one night stay, but as I was having issues, I had to stay over an extra night. (They thought they would need to go back in for additional work..ugh!)

The drive home was not too great, and no – I did not stop to pick up a game! Could barely make it in and out of the car.   Home..and I’m off to sleep again…

Weird, not sure if I’m dreaming some of this, or if it’s reality?  Sometimes, while I sleep, my new knee has a mind of it’s own and will jerk on it’s own, or I feel a shot of pain just hit me out of the blue, almost like I have a stuck switch like one of my old EM games….like I feel the pain hit me, then a bell will go off…maybe they did need to go back in there to fix something?

Friday, May 10th

I slept a lot last night. Maybe it was the meds? Knee still very sore of course. Not sure but it looks like someone removed my water proof bandage covering my incision, then tried to put it back?

For some reason, it does feel like a fresh wound as well?  Damn meds! Have me thinking crazy now…but I’m off to sleep again…..

…there goes that bell again…each time my knee twitches..there has to be a stuck switch in there….

Saturday, May 11th

Where did the time go…I feel like I’m losing days here…can’t remember one day to the next, or when I’m asleep, or awake???

But my incision on my new left knee seems to be finally healing (although the bandage seems to have been removed again while I slept..and once more someone put it back on…and not very carefully…I swear I can see new a incision there?  But, it’s feeling better, and no bell ringing….so  it must be finally accepting the new knee.

Off to sleep again…not sure why but my right knee is also starting hurt some..possibly putting all of the weight from the recent surgery onto this knee…ugh….sleep……sleep…I need sleep…

Sunday, May 12th

OK, not sure what is happening here while I sleep?  My new knee is finally starting to heal…(I swear it looks like it’s been worked on since I left the hospital!).   

But what is totally crazy, I now have bandages on my right knee.  They were not there yesterday and I haven’t left the house….not too professionally done either I might add….but, the pain does seem to be subsiding…so I’m not asking questions…. Off to sleep again…

Monday, May 13th

Feeling somewhat better today, stiff & sore, both legs..but I’m making progress.  So, I make my way down to my workshop to see if I can tinker around on any games needing repaired. Maybe an hour working will help me get my mind off of things.

As I look around to survey what to possibly start on, but not go too far and push myself, I notice someone left my soldering iron plugged in…as well as other tools laying around. (I always put things away, so this took me by surprise…someone had been down here working)

That’s when I noticed some dark material all over the tip of my soldering gun…and on some of my other tools…what is this goop?  It’s blood! What the hell? Who did this? And why?

This all started to scare me…somewhat, especially with the new bandages on my other knee…sooo, I do have a security system, with 6 total cameras (outside, inside, garage, basement, etc) that records real time, with a 48 hour back up. I’ll find out who did this!

UGH! Playback of the security video – I have found my culprit! And why my other knee has a new incision! (Seems the soldering iron does a hell of a job cauterizing blood vessels!)

I may not be the best EM machine repair tech, but the pain and the bell sounds are going away in my legs, so maybe I have another career ahead of me?

More med's...off to sleep....

Tuesday, May 14th

One week in from surgery and I wake up refreshed, ready to go….was this all a dream…????

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1 year ago

Nice writing, creative, surreal!

1 year ago

Well thanks! I saw the title of this area in Pinside for "stories" so didn't know if these all had to be real stories...or just something one can make up...so, while actually recovering from knee surgery, I tried my hand at some "story telling" ;-)

1 year ago

Wow. That was different. Good stuff!

4 months ago

outstanding and funny

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