Texas Pinball Recap!

By NightMutilator

March 30, 2018

1 year ago

The Night Mutilator took the big trip down to TPF for the first time ever with The Video Game Lady and we had an amazing time. Met some serious legends, such as Spooky Pinball madmen Charlie Emery, Bug & Scott Danesi who hooked us up for the 2017 Horrorhouse Fest with an early version of Total Nuclear Annihilation,  and even met in person the main Pinside guys themselves, Martijn and Robin!

It was such a whirlwind (pun) in fact, we had to make a recap video of all the highlights! Join us and take a ride through one of the most amazing pinball events in the country...

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Story photos

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1 year ago
Yay! Join us on our trek through one of the greatest pinball shows of all time!
1 year ago
Awesome man! Wish I could have came.
1 year ago
Great way to get a press pass!
1 year ago
That was fun! "Who is your favorite mutilator?"
1 year ago
Great time indeed! Was amazing meeting in person. So many amazing people in the world of pinball...
1 year ago
Hah... I was a few feet away watching that go down... Was interesting.
1 year ago
Great video! Keep them coming
1 year ago
Thanks! We for sure will! We are up on youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/user/ryanbloodshed! Subscribe and join in our fun madness!

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