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Horrorhouse Fest 2018 Recap!

By NightMutilator

September 02, 2018

2 years ago

Six years of this one night pop-up style hauntcade called Horrorhouse Fest?!?... whew! That's a lot longer than I could imagine I'd be building a full tournament style haunted house like it. It's pretty amazing to think about them all and remember how each room came to be. Everything from the black metal, heartbeat dungeon room of Gorgar to the ringmaster led onslaught of the Cirqus Voltaire finale... it's been one amazing ride after another.

We've had this core group of weirdos over here in Denver, Colorado scaring people as they enter this strange world, and we continue on with the tradition. This time promising the winner a full size arcade game for making it out alive and with the highest overall scores. It's gonna be intense, and what makes it even more exciting and beautiful is the fact that we are now putting it on at our favorite and Denver's largest arcade... HYPERSPACE!

Now I understand, and it's always been confusing as to what Horrorhouse Fest entails entirely, but all I can say is it's beyond what you might be thinking. Each year I've posted a walkthrough to give a full breakdown for the future years and if you are even slightly interested in what I'm throwing down here, I would strongly suggest watching the video below. It's literally only one night, a full fledged haunted house with each room themed on the game within. It's all ages as I'm a huge fan of giving everyone a chance to experience what we've made, free of alcohol, and full of fun.

Prizes have ranged from cash, d&d manuals, video games from the past, toys, all the way to trophies, guitars and consoles. And special thanks to our good friends/sponsors Pinside and Spooky Pinball, prizes look to be ever wilder than ever before!

UPDATE 11/13: The event is now over, but check out the pics and see what you missed. It was a night full of some amazing scares, joy and prizes galore!

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2 years ago

Hope to see some of you there! It's quite an undertaking and we are for sure doing everything we can to make this year the best one yet! Super excited to share more news as it develops...

1 year ago

Just posted some pics from this years Horrorhouse Fest. Wow, was that a night to remember!! Enjoy!

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