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Hauntcade/Elvira at Pinball Expo!!

By NightMutilator

August 08, 2019

1 year ago
In only a few short days it all begins!!! The dream of building a hauntcade and having my childhood star of all stars be there right alongside us (Elvira of course) has got me more excited than ever! HORRORHOUSE FEST, an event us evil maniacs at Bloodshed Deathbath conceived 7 years ago that combines a haunted house with a pinball tournament takes place for you all to witness! With the help of our generous sponsors and volunteers we have truly created some of the wildest rides imagineable, taking each iteration to a whole new level, with each game getting a full set design and actors to match. And for the first time ever we are taking it outside of our comfort zone of Denver, Colorado and bringing it up to the pinball capitol of the world for the 35th anniversary PINBALL EXPO in Chicago! Yes we are truly terrified to load up our Bloodshed Deathtruck and make this attempt, but we are determined to make it happen and can't wait to reveal our latest build to those in the great midwest!
So, what can you expect from this crazy HAUNTCADE?!? Well, first of all, don't expect the normal ride. Each edition of HHF is magic and unique, and the games are never fully revealed until players make their way in during one of the 3 scheduled tournaments happening throughout the weekend. Not only will we be bringing a fully body controlled game which we built ourselves entitled "Bloodshed Deathgame", but we also plan to thrill and delight players of all ages with games both familar and obscure from manufacturers of today and yesterday.
Actors throughout the Hauntcade will do everything they can to distract and challenge the players, and for the four hour duration of each tournament each player will be able to go through the "house" over and over until they can't handle it anymore. Their goal?! Get the highest score on each game and come out of Horrorhouse Fest as a true champion of technical skill and true concentration. Not a pro player?? No worries on that as nobody is a pro in this kind of environment, and winners span all the various age groups.
Prizes themselves will be as wild as ever, as we always make sure to reward the champs with items you'dever expect to win at a pinball show. We've given away everything from vintage video game systems, custom HHF trophies, board games of today and yesterday, and even actual arcade machines! What will this edition be giving away?!? Well, you'll just have to wait and see as it'll be quite the surprise as always.

So how can you enter this amazing experience you may be wondering? It's easy! You can pre-order your spot in one of three dates during the Pinball Expo at the links below to make sure you get in... otherwise you can alternately buy a ticket at the show itself by coming up to our door and asking us if spots are still available. During the past shows, such as our recent romp at the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown tickets have gone fast, so plan ahead and for sure feel free to email us directly if you have any questions. I, being the Night Mutilator can't wait to see all your scary faces this go around, and we hope to make your 2019 Halloween season of pinballin' the one to remember!

PRE-SALE TICKETS (Get em while they are still bloody!):

DAY 01: Thursday, October 17 - http://bit.ly/2MvsIsF

DAY 02: Friday, October 18 - http://bit.ly/2MsfoFs

DAY 03: Saturday, October 19 - http://bit.ly/2SSSvMq

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1 year ago

VERY COOL! Looking forward to it at Expo!

1 year ago

Sounds really rad!

1 year ago

So glad you guys are into it!!! For sure IM me with any questions (anyone!). I'll be on the upcoming spooky podcast with further details. Currently we are gearing up to make our trek across the country with our hauntcade! Super excited to share the madness and fun of HHF.

1 year ago

Sounds scary!
I have the heart of a young boy. I keep it in a jar on my desk.
btw, if you are reading this, then you are blissfully unaware of what is creeping up behind you....

1 year ago

Haha! Speaking of creepy... check out our new video of the most haunted road in america.... where we do some spooky things. It's up in the story as of today ;)

1 year ago

My friends and I had an absolute blast in your haunted house at the expo! Thanks so much!

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