By NightMutilator

September 29, 2020

12 months ago

Original post below, but now we have a ton of pictures and a video recap to check out of the Hauntcade known as Horrorhouse Fest for the 2020 season! Well worth the many hours re-developing, programming and building, but for sure well worth the effort! The Night Mutilator (which is me) was the scorekeeper throughout the entire duration, and it was one heck of a fun time! This one marks our first official sellout, which we've been striving for! Stay in touch with us at bloodsheddeathbath.com for more details, stupid movies we make, and for plans on upcoming tournaments. We hope to keep making this dream a reality, until one day the whole world is a hauntcade!


I am here to announce a new incarnation of our much loved hauntcade pinball tournament of death named Horrorhouse Fest is now kicking Covid in the butt and giving groups of 4 the chance to reserve a full hour of madness, thrills and chills, in the most ambitious version of our show to date!!

On October 24th and 25th we will be partnering with our friends known for the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown as we bring our "hauntcade" tournament to the Colorado Pinball Pub for a once in a lifetime chance to experience it all in a room that evolves over time, giving players thrills and chills in unexpected ways throughout. They must battle these distractions and get as many high scores as they can, while also trying to not beat the Night Mutilators scores. It will be one of the wildest tournaments around, with hardly any people around, as rumour has it that the cemetary across the street has seeped spirits into the basement of the Pinball Pub, which has not only possessed the room, but also the pinball machines within!!! Will players be able to keep focus and get high scores on them with so many distractions about?!? ONLY YOU can find out by reserving a spot and finding out for yourself!

Sounds like a good time? Well it only gets better as prizes will be awarded, Bloodshed Deathbath movies will be playing, and trophies will also be in the mix. Presented by Colorado Pinball Pub, Stern Pinball and Bloodshed Deathbath, these days will be unlike any other.

  1. RESERVE A SPOT right now to make sure you can enter. We will be allowing 4 people per hour to keep within heath guidelines, while also making this a very limited engagement.
  2. Prizes and Trophies will be announced at an online location given at the end of your time.
  3. The room will be evolving and freaking you out so don't expect a normal tournament here. This is extreme Pinball at it's finest.
  4. The Night Mutilator himself will be there to help and hinder your experience all at the same time.
  5. Yes, it is ALL AGES, but it is haunted, so keep that in mind when bringing little ones. They might get scared by the dark and scary times that lie ahead.
  6. Masks are required in this hauntcade. Even the Night Mutilator will be wearing one!!

Story photos

Groovey_Hyperspace_HorrorhouseFest_Shovel (resized).jpg
HorrorhouseFest_Trophies_2020_sm (resized).jpg


10 months ago

Man that's so freaking cool!!!! I wish I could've attended something like that!!!!

10 months ago

It was so fun! We've been doing this since 2013, and hope to keep it rolling right along. It was an all new format (due to the virus of course), but since our fans loved it, it was as safe as we could do it, and we had a blast we are highly considering keeping this new and fun format going for future iterations.

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