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Horrorhouse Fest 2017!!!

By NightMutilator

October 11, 2017

2 years ago

Beyond excited to talk to you about the only known haunted house with a pinball tournament in it... Horrorhouse Fest! This year we have been lucky enough to land our favorite sponsor yet,, and we're here to let you know we are making it the wildest adventure yet!

It's been a crazy 5 years of making these "one night only" (and now all ages!) haunt-cades.. It was always my intention to give people something they'll never forget, and I think so far we've done just that, with each years house completely different than the last, always themed based on the games and crazy improv actors/score keepers that reside within the walls of the "fest".

I can tell ya the biggest challenge was not only acquiring the games year after year that would fit within the theme perfectly, but designing a haunted house to match has been quite the undertaking. It's horror improv at it's finest, but with a fairly high level of prep to make it all take place. It's pure madness, pure joy, and pure pinball.

What I think I like most about Horrorhouse Fest is the look on peoples faces when I try to describe what it's like. People hear "haunted house" and they think one thing, but then when I add in the words "pinball tournament", it just confuses and intrigues. It's weird. It's impossible to fully explain (as I tried to do recently on the Spooky Pinball podcast), but when you actually go through it, it all starts to make sense. It just becomes this thing where you get to hang out with cool people having fun times, and laughing at some actors who are pretty friggin great. It's fairly magical.

Every year it seems more and more difficult to fully pull it off, and I often find myself working 20 hour days piecing the details together. I often say it's gonna be the last year... but it's just gotta live on. It's just so amazing to see it actually come to life after all the terror of wondering if it can even happen to begin with.

If you've never seen anything about HHF, or are interested in coming and having the craziest 5 hours of your life, playing some amazing and hard to find machines, look no further. Well, actually... watch the video below ;) Pricing/Tickets for Horrorhouse Fest 2017 Pinball Tournament of Death will be announced soon, and we guarantee some amazing prizes this year, including a sparkly new SCHECTER GUITAR, thanks to Music Gallery International and Groovey.TV, as well as the wide assortment of gaming collectibles you won't find anywhere else.

It's Horrorhouse Fest 2017! And we hope to see you there... taking place once again on Saturday, November 11th at Vision Comics & Oddities in Sheridan, Colorado! Just 15 minutes from downtown.

For more information, and to buy tickets please visit BLOODSHEDDEATHBATH.COM


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2 years ago

Pre-Sale Tickets are now available! Those who pre-order have guaranteed admission. Tickets will sell out so we wanted to offer this up to those who want to make sure they see the wacky world of Horrorhouse Fest for themselves this year!

Get em here!

2 years ago

More info has just been posted on the grand prize! Watch the video to find out more...

2 years ago

Wowsers! Last night was amazing and I wish you could have all been there! Uploading some pics from the fest here to check out...

2 years ago

Here's the full walkthrough video for those who may be interested in seeing how the house played out!

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