Horror at RMPS!

By NightMutilator

May 01, 2019

26 days ago

I am beeeeeeeeeeyond excited to announce that the joyous mayhem of Horrorhouse Fest is now starring at our favorite pinball show!!

On May 25-27 at the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown we'll be throwing our "hauntcade" tournament in a side room (call it a conference room of death), with all the thrills, chills, and high scores we've been known for. It's lucky year 7 for us, and in celebration we'll for sure be dishing out tons of prizes including, video game systems, unique and wild collectibles, and special prize packs from our gracious sponsors. It's gonna be pure madness. Plus I can promise all you fans of Steve Ritchie that we will have some extra special things going on within the house you won't want to miss.

For those of you who find the idea of going through a crazy and hilarious haunted house with pinball machines in it, the details are as follows, which is also best explained by Groovey and myself in the video below all that...

  1. RESERVE A SPOT pre-show online or at the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdownitself when you arrive.
  2. Based on your reservation you will be in one of our two tournaments. Each one last 4 hours, and each one has it's own set of prizes/monsters to deal with.
  3. You will have those 4 hours to try and get the highest scores on the games within our "hauntcade", which is essentially a spookhouse with games in it. You play, monsters distract, you ignore, or don't and go home crying.
  4. Once the doors to the hauntcade close, the Night Mutilator will tally up the winners and announce who gets cool stuff! Trust me we give out a lot of prizes, so you won't want to miss out!

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23 days ago
Man...I need to be in Colorado. Awesome show theme.
22 days ago
Me and Megs can't wait for this, bought tickets and ready to rock it! Kudos for making such a cool event!
20 days ago
So excited to show ya the madness we have conjured up for our first showing at a true pinball show! Thanks a ton for the support and hope you can survive and win some radical prizes!
15 days ago
This is really cool! :)
14 days ago
It's been a lifelong passion to incorporate gaming and haunted houses. 7 years into doing it, we're finally in amazing company and at our first big show! Can't wait!!! :)
12 days ago
you need to contact dr frightner on here, he runs 3 of st. louis biggest haunted houses. he could make this show unbelievable.
9 days ago
Here's a little tour of some of the sights and sounds from last year... now on year 7!!! Bloodshed Deathbath has been stepping it up year after year, and we can't wait to share our vision with you in person soon!

6 days ago
Faboo! See you guys down there!
5 days ago
So are ya curious what you could win at Horrorhouse Fest this go around? We're sure you are! So without further adieu, here is a small sampling of the items to be won by making it through alive and with the highest scores you can get... And this is just for day 1!!! We're going bonkers with giveaways!! Reserve your spot at http://bit.ly/2G5VZ9r or hit us up when you arrive at the showdown!

1st Place

1. Analogue Mega SG Game System ($200) w/Game!
2. Crazy awesome Trophy
3. Spooky Pinball LLC Translite & Goodie Bag
4. HHF Shirt
5. ML3 DVD
6. Flipperboy/Is That Blood Enamel Pins
7. Mutiny Information Cafe Prize Pack
8. RMPS Prize Pack

2nd Place

1. Scary Stories To Tell in The Dark Book Pack
2. Zelda Encyclopedia
3. HHF Shirt
4. ML3 DVD
5. Flipperboy/Is That Blood Enamel Pins
6. An Awesome Medal

3rd Place

1. Wildfire Electronic Pinball Game
2. Willow - NES
3. An Awesome Medal
4. Is That Blood Enamel Pin
5. FTW Gift Card

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