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By NightMutilator

February 13, 2020

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2 years ago

UPDATE 05.08.20 - The streaming has been getting weirder and scarier as we slowly turn out Haunted House with a pinball tournament in it into a streaming funfest. So far we've shown off our new Mephisto game, Spooky, Mystery Castle and Black Knight alongside a game we currently have in development. These have been very challenging times and we are looking for ways to offset the losses with merch and scary goodies. We hope you join us on our twitch streams as well as on our youtube page! Stay safe and keep those flipper fingers flipping! If not, watch us do it instead in our strange Hauntcade experience -


UPDATE 04.19.20 - We are streaming Night Mutilator madness twice weekly and discussing the future of our Hauntcade and Horrorhouse Fest in general. Make sure to subscribe and check it out!


UPDATE 04.07.20 - We are here to spread the message that although we had to postpone Horrorhouse Fest, we still plan to carry the joy of pinball and keep those flippers flapping! We're adjusting how we do business as I'm sure a lot of you operators are doing as well. We quickly rented out a few games to help with the big offset, and are so thankful to being able to keep those games being played by our awesome community instead of being stored! Thank you to those helping all the operators in the world today! It's a challenge, but we are all going to make it through with higher scores than ever! ;) Yes, it's a new reality that scares many of us, but the games still need the love they deserve. I for one have been braving the element of fear floating around in the air (sometimes very reluctantly) to make sure the games don't get locked away and forgotten and with all the amazing manufacturers that have popped up over the years I'd hate to see the momentum shift and see any of them fall by the wayside.

Join me on my gaming site to help support and read about current updates, news on a game we're building and videos we'll be posting from our youtube channel. (We could use your support by subscribing and our content is surely super exciting and weird as heck!)


UPDATE 03.16.20 - Watch the latest video at the end of the article for more info on our postponed tournament due to that stupid monster that just came to town. We still plan to de-hauntify Mutiny Information Cafe with pinballs and high scores, but now we must do more!

Our pop-up Hauntcade Gaming tournament is now in it's 9th incarnation!! Horrorhouse Fest Pinball Tournament of Death is one unlike any other. With 4 hours of truly interactive and wildly haunted times, where players emerge either dead or with far too many prizes!

Join in the madness which was just recently featured alongside Elvira's House of Horrors at Pinball Expo in Chicago, and winner of "Best of Show" at the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown! It's like a haunted house, but with games that need to be played at the same time! It's crazy fun, and we invite all ages!

The Story thus far:

The Night Mutilator is returning home from his madness in Chicago at Pinball Expo and has been challenged by Winter to a pinball dual. Well, suffice to say, the Night Mutilator won and now Winter is back for her revenge by haunting all of his games at Mutiny Information Cafe. Can the tournament players help rid her of all the high scores she has accumulated or will they all just die trying? It's up to you!

Join us either during the day for general gaming for a mere $5 to play and experience the vibes (12pm-6PM) or come on Saturday, March 21 for the main event at 6PM!! 4 hours of attempting to get the highest scores on all the games within Horrorhouse Fest while being tormented by all sorts of surprises. You could win giganto prizes indeed, plus its the only known way to experience both amazingly rare games on top of getting sorta scared in a really freaky pop-up style Hauntcade.

NOTE ON TICKETS AND TIMES: We have two tickets you may purchase to enjoy our crazy hauntcade. For $5 you can visit and play the games inside (Saturday from 12pm-6pm and Sunday 10am-2pm), but for the $20 main ticket you are part of the main tournament on Saturday from 6PM until 10PM. This is for sure the recommended way to go as it will be the full experience. Actors aplenty. Scares and thrills galore! Prizes to be won just for attending and for also placing the highest scores throughout the entire hauntcade!

On Sunday, March 20 everyone is invited to come and play in our open format for only $5. You'll miss out on the full tournament experience, and the actors will have gone home, but it's still an amazing way to see what we built and to play on the games before it all comes down at the end of day.

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2 years ago

For sure add your comments if you have any questions/etc! Getting super excited for March 21st and March 22nd at Mutiny Information Cafe in Denver! Have some awesome prizes lined up this go around :)

2 years ago

Hey BD.. Send the link to me for the .21st..

2 years ago

Got it..trying to get some friends to go...

2 years ago

Horrorhouse Fest vs. Winter Postponed! :(

With great sadness we have decided to postpone Horrorhouse Fest vs. Winter. The Night Mutilator, along with our amazing improv staff/crew were well beyond excited to share our latest incarnation of the Hauntcade at Mutiny Information Cafe, our home…. but this external menace dominating the headlines has destroyed that reality… but only for the time being.

As we all know, the virus has freaked everyone out, including us… and we don’t want to risk any tiny percentage of chance that this monster named COVID-19 finds it’s way into our super fun and glorious haunted pinball event. We will be refunding those who have pre-ordered tickets and be spreading this message through all our social platforms to make sure everyone knows we have not abandoned you. We intend on delighting you all with all sorts of sights, sounds and merchandise aplenty digitally, and will even be offering up some of the amazing new physical pieces at a discount price online through very soon!

We’re extremely excited to show you everything we have been putting together and for sure intend on rescheduling asap! Stay in touch, and we’ll do the same to make sure you know when the only known haunted house with a gaming tournament in it happens again… and yes, it will be happening at Mutiny! The Night Mutilator demands it!

2 years ago

We are making some video updates to where we stand, what the plans are moving forward, and what to expect of the hauntcade crew during this crazy time in the coming days. We will post here to this story, and we invite you all to our youtube channel for more content and to help offset our partners losses as well as ours...

2 years ago

Just posted up the trophies we had all done up for the big show.... should have thought twice about putting a date on them, cause we for sure are using them when we can get this thing going again!

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