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From building games to owning pinballs...

By NightMutilator

April 02, 2013

7 years ago

I am the Night Mutilator..... and I am obsessed with all games, all the time. I have owned nearly every system out there, have built numerous online games for Adam Sandler flicks starting with Mr Deeds all the way up to Chuck & Larry, and the obsession of the interactive continues. Seeing as Pinball was my first true gaming passion growing up, I finally broke down and bought my first machine as an adult (Scared Stiff)! An exciting first step into a realm of madness. I soon began combining my passion of horror and gaming by building haunted house themed events with my machines as co-stars in the now third annual Horrorhouse Fest Pinball Tournament of Death (Now in it's 5th year, and also sponsored by Pinside!, with a little extra help from my friends at Spooky Pinball). Based in Denver, the night is truly the interactive haunted house pinball tournament I've dreamt of hosting.

The initial idea of only buying one perfect machine didn't live up to it's reality, but I do think it's ok.. However, be warned, addiction of pinball machine ownership is real and should be avoided unless you are a rich person. I am not, and now I am wondering how this all happened so fast. Am I doomed? Is this a childhood fantasy come true?! I don't know!!!! But regardless, I can now say I owned my own arcade, and combined it into a scary haunted mansion of terror, and that alone translates into a realization of little boy fantasies which I never thought would be possible, and I thank the pinball gaming industry, moneyand all the wonderful people here on pinside for helping make it happen!

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