Eric Meunier JJP Interview

Eric Meunier JJP Interview

By NightMutilator

July 04, 2017

78 days ago

During the 2017 Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown I caught up with the youngest/newest Jersey Jack Game Designer, Eric Meunier. We spoke about his upcoming design as well as the state of the industry.

It's always interesting to hear directly from the people making these amazing games on how this whole thing called pinball is even possible in the first place. I thank Eric for taking the time to show me the ins and outs of Wizard of Oz, The Hobbit and find out more about what he has brewing for his first game. Enjoy and don't get scared of the Night Mutilator.

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75 days ago
Woo! Featured story! Thanks for hosting the interview, Ryan. It was a blast hanging out with you in Denver.
75 days ago
It 'twas quite the experience and loved meeting you as well! Finally learned what I was missing all these years of not owning a WOZ!
75 days ago
Grew up going to Wisconsin Dells all the time- found his story really unique and interesting. Thanks for sharing.
72 days ago
Great job Eric! Good for you!
70 days ago
Great interview!
69 days ago
Thanks a ton! Love meeting all these awesome pinball people and finding out more about what drives them to do what they do.
69 days ago
Agreed, Nice work!
69 days ago
Very, very excited to see jjp4. Great interview.
63 days ago
Can't wait to see what JJP brings out next! Love that there are fresh ideas coming out!

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