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4 months ago
This game is definitely designed for the player. I don't see it ever being a huge game in the competitive scene...It doesn't stack well and isn't an "action packed" experience. It rewards the player with patience and planning. The primary goal of this pin is progression, which I love, but not everyone does.

The current code at the time of this review (0.97.0) is amazing, but it still needs something to tie everything together - it lacks cohesion. You will struggle to score well unless you dial in your shots...Bond Girl multipliers are huge, but you need to be a strong shooter to build these up AND activate them in a lucrative mode/MB without draining.

Personally, I'd rather see games like this in high level play vs something like "rip the spinner, grab a mode, start multiball, rinse, repeat". My accuracy and general pinball playing skill has improved tremendously since picking up a Bond - you can't flail and make much progress or score very well on Bond.
7 years ago
This game defines "going on a pinball journey" to me. The atmosphere created during TABA is the quintessential pinball moment, and everyone should have a chance to experience it at least once.
7 years ago
Is Medieval Madness the best game ever produced? I don't think so. But on that same front, I can see why some people feel that way. It shoots well, sounds great, has a great original theme, and does a fantastic job of keeping the player engaged with the machine.
8 years ago
Game Design -
Avengers is a title that most people cannot stand. My first time playing it, I hated everything to do with it. It felt and looked cheap, played like garbage, and gave me the impression of "cost cutting measures" like no other pin I'd played before. That being said, it has grown on me. The shots are still clunky. The toys are still terrible (the Hulk ball stick issues are real and real annoying) and cheap looking. The game feels a bit like a chore sometimes. However, the game demands accuracy and skill. I find myself wanting to play this game more and more as I improve as a player.

Artwork -
The playfield is boring and full of photoshopped artwork. It's dark and drab and needs MORE. The backglass, though, is awesome. I'd frame and hang the Pro BG in a heartbeat. Cabinet is also nice looking - not indicative of the game or playfield at all. And what I remember of the animations are mostly positive. Nothing mind blowing, but good enough.

Sounds and Music -
Nothing sticks out here. The sounds came off a little muffled, but it could have been the game. The music was bland and didn't get me excited to play. And I don't remember much about variation in the speech OR the music. A package that SCREAMS for custom sound work.

Other Aspects/Closing Remarks -
The lighting on this game is location dependent. I played one where the spotlights were all burnt out and half the bulbs were dead. It was next to a Star Trek Pro and it was striking how different the two looked. There needs to be some custom lighting done to help. In a multigame collection, I think Avengers has a place. You'll notice the game becoming more enjoyable as you improve as a player.

The theme on this kills me. I think everyone wanted Avengers to be a killer title. But what a turd in that respect. I feel like Stern wasted this license on a bad layout and super cheap build. The fun factor suffers as a result of the layout and cheapness of the build. They had the opportunity to deliver something really special with a theme like Avengers. It's too bad it went the way it did.

Overall, I speak poorly of the game, but I don't hate it. I do find myself pumping quarters into it when I see one on location. It can be a fun game once you have the skills required to battle the build and layout. Don't pass it up on location, but make sure you play this one a lot before you buy one.
9 years ago
Game Design
- There are a lot of shots to be had in ST - 3 ramps and 2 loops. The Away Team shot is great (if not frustratingly hard...), and the VUK Mission Start/Lock shot is really satisfying. There is buttery smooth flow throughout. The Vengeance, asteroids, and Enterprise are VERY tasteful, and the way the Vengeance reacts to the gameplay is well integrated and a fun gimmick. There's of course the laser inside the apron, which at first I thought would be gimmicky, but now it makes me smile when it pops on and Klingon Multiball begins - a great feedback toy!

- I feel like all 3 versions of ST look wonderful - I love the cab and translite of them all, and I really like the way the playfield looks. Some people will definitely not enjoy it, but the way the RGB LEDs integrate into the playfield to direct you...It's a seamless integration. The biggest bummer would be how cartoony the DMD animations are. I feel like they clash with the overall feel of the rest of the machine.

Sounds and Music
- My only gripe with this machine would be the audio "stuff". I DO like the noise the machine makes with the missiles (the low growl/hum/shake), and feel like the beeps and boops are well done overall. I also like how the game talks to you tells you what's going on - 3 in a row! And not much beats, "Klingon Jackpot!" There are a few callouts that feel out of place, but those are offset mostly by the fact that everything works so well. None of the sounds or voices make me cringe, so that's a plus! It also helps that there ARE so many modes in this game - you'll be hearing repeats of course, but if you make it a goal to vary your mission structure and approach, you'll get to hear a wide variety of sounds throughout.

Other Aspects/Closing Remarks
- The Prem/LE have full RGB LEDs throughout...I was skeptical about paying for this initially, but after seeing it and playing it in person, I was SOLD on my decision. The lighting on this game is, hands down, the best Stern has done to date. The theme is clear on this machine - it's the new Star Trek movies. And it does a good job of it. My wife and I are not huge ST fans, but the game plays SO well and feels so solid that it's not a deal breaker. We like the newer ST movies, though!

As for the fun and lastability, this is where you're going to get your polarizing opinions. I LOVE the way the game works - you have your 6 level 1, 2, and 3 missions, for a total of 18. While it can be repetitive to some, I think the ultimate thing one needs to consider is how often you GET to those 2nd and 3rd wizard modes. I think saying the game is "a chore to play" is silly as most games involve a lot of repetition. ST gives you the option to select the approach you want to take as opposed to some games that involve hitting the left ramp 10 times to light Super Mode or hit a left loop/right loop combot 5 times to open the door! ST says, "Here's a bunch of modes with shot combos you need to make to score and progress towards the end-game." It's much more structured in that respect.

I don't quite know what the issues with the code are myself as I feel like the game has a LOT going on as it stands. That said, if they gave me even MORE to do, I wouldn't complain! Some extra side missions would be fun...Oh, maybe a way to start a mission that didn't require me to get lucky with that Away Team shot! I wouldn't mind being able to shoot the Vengeance to start a mission sometimes...

A few unrelated notes regarding the fun...The Punch It button is awesome. Everyone who plays it LOVES it. It's a weird simple feature that non pinheads can't get enough of. The VUK is amazing - it feeds the left flipper in a way that says, "Here's the ball...If you drain after this shot, it's your fault, not mine." And the kickback is simply wonderful. There's such a classic feel to it - even my wife (a non-pinhead) commented on how it made the game feel like an older/classic machine because of that and the wireform ramps. There are a few little touches to the machine that really make this game a solid overall pin to have around. Oh, and the Premium red powder?
9 years ago
I'm giving high marks to this machine because it deserves it. Keep in mind, my opinion is based on the 1.51 code.

Game Design
- There are a TON of shots, with a load of combos to be made. The LE has the Nightcrawlers and the Iceman ramp that, in my opinion, add a LOT to the game. The 1.51 update gives SO much additional depth and strategy to X-Men. My two complaints are that the Wolverine toy can obstruct the Beast shot, and that the Magneto magnet can lead to SDTM drains. Nothing sucks more than being completely helpless from a Magneto fling down the middle.

- Wow. Just wow. The artwork on the LE is gorgeous. I had the Magneto edition. The comic book look is what makes this machine simply magical. If you're a fan of X-Men, you'll be a fan of the look of this machine. The red really works for this machine. The splashes of color on the field mixed with the gorgeous Magneto backglass? Incredible. Really happy with ALL of the art on this game. And the DMD is a blast to watch - so many sweet animations that fit and work with this game. The villains, the heroes, the fluff...Amazing.

Sounds and Music
- The callouts are great. The voices are spot on. The music is catchy and something you'll find yourself humming around the house. I loved the drop when you triggered Wolverine, the build when you trigger Magneto, the crystal palace feel of Iceman, the battle themes of various villains...The music really helps this game shine. And given the number of modes going on, there are just SO many tunes to make you smile. Great sound package in this game.

Other Aspects/Closing Remarks
- The lighting on the LE is insane. I love how the GI changes with whatever villain you're fighting. The flicker when you trigger Magneto was really sweet the first time it happened. The theme plays great - if you're a fan of X-Men, you will love the game. There's no way to argue otherwise in my opinion. It's fan service theme work at it's finest. The depth of this game will also keep you coming back - and it's TOUGH. An average player can enjoy the variation of shots to be had, whereas the veteran will have to REALLY work for high scores. But the biggest thing that makes X-Men worthwhile is that it's a blast to play. I never got sick of triggering the Iceman ramp, hitting the Xavier scoop, looping Phoenix or Beast...Just an amazing game.

X-Men is a killer game. I think it got a lot of heat early on because of the code issues. 1.50+ code really turned this game into something special. If I could afford to hold two $5k+ machines in my collection right now, I would have NEVER gotten rid of this. One day, I'm sure Magneto will wiggle his way back into my collection.
9 years ago
Game Design
- The game is fast. Nobody will argue that. The shots flow beautifully and the rules are relatively self-explanatory. However, stock arcade and ramp toys are pretty garbage on the Pro - if it weren't for the recognizer being neat, I'd go lower. Also, the Gem shot is notoriously difficult. I wouldn't say it's a bad layout, but it's an odd shot.

- The playfield feels exactly as it should with the colors and lines. The cabinet is fantastic! And the backglass work is amazing. Of course, the Chicks Translite is "the best", but Clu and the 3D ones are also incredible. You can't really go wrong with any of the available options. And watching the DMD is a ton of fun...The Light Cycle Multiball animation is rad.

Sounds and Music
- THIS is where Tron shines. So many amazing music clips and callouts. "Behold, the son of our maaaaakeeeeeer!" Also, Quorra multiball is absolutely hype inducing. Variation is a weird one. Voice work is varied given the character roster, but the music is all Daft Punk. They did a wonderful job keeping the themes and tones moving, but this is a SUPER subjective point.

Other Aspects/Closing Remarks
- Tron combines what I call classic "point based" gameplay with the current trend of "mode/goal" oriented style, and it does so in a really beautiful way. The game FEELS like Tron, too - the colors, artwork, flair, audio...And the one-more-game syndrome is strong with Tron. It's why it sticks around in people's collection.

Having said that, Tron Pro is a modding canvas. The game can cost a LOT of money to mod up. Eli's Ramp mod is a must, as is the mini Arcade. The Ramp Mod turns your Pro into an almost LE. The mini Arcade mod takes the crappy little box and gives it character - makes the scoop come to life (literally). Other mods simply add to the overall visual experience.

Overall, Tron is a game that will sit in my collection forever. Sure, it's my personal Holy Grail pin, so my review may be SLIGHTLY biased, but every single person I have spoken to after playing Tron in the wild has agreed that it is one of their favorite pins to date.

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