My Silverball Mania

By Nickyj2244

June 11, 2020

22 days ago

I just got my Silverball mania like 2 years ago.  Love it so much.  Use to play it with my Uncle who is now deceased.  I could never remember the name of this machine.  I looked everywhere.  Finally I found one in California.  I immediately got my money together and got it shipped out here.   I Amin love.  Doesn't anyone know how to fix the vibration of my left flipper.  Thanks 

Story photos

C07B94DD-94B7-469A-8741-3992D9613B87 (resized).jpeg
79BC1BAE-B705-46D0-94FE-79C6125CBA8B (resized).jpeg
3B8F1DA5-987F-49BD-AD0E-DE0D939EEA6D (resized).jpeg
48CFFC9D-0B4B-4397-8A18-9FAE5F8DEBA6 (resized).jpeg
9636AB2E-0D46-4358-A597-211C98761CD3 (resized).jpeg
BB7B330A-3781-4F54-A170-48190E436425 (resized).jpeg
D92BC48E-99D0-4111-9268-55945ED25414 (resized).jpeg
F36A996C-DEC7-43AF-ABCC-B14884B41288 (resized).jpeg
DC1C34A6-A9D2-4087-B6FE-2F5D7F2BC363 (resized).jpeg
32B82FE1-1614-4097-AAE0-BAF3FC131D28 (resized).jpeg
9D45C865-F1E5-47FA-85D9-AD7D060614DD (resized).jpeg
2CF371CF-8F12-4109-9F76-7295C56EA0DB (resized).png
2C9579CB-7F8F-4D19-9FB2-BE9F56F51B9E (resized).jpeg


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