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5 years ago
A truly stunning game to look at. The theme and art are superb, as is the lighting. Initially, it seems like a great player with some good rules. The more I played it, the more I realised there just isn't that much needed to achieve the goals. I normally like simple rules, as long as they're not easy to achieve. For some reason, this got a bit boring after a few games. Having to drain a ball to win a special is another negative. I never got bored at looking at it, it was in another league for cosmetic design, compared to my wedge heads. The lighting is just so much more, as are the colours. I have Cross Town and Hurdy Gurdy from the same period, but MC looks like it was designed a generation later, so good is the whole appearance. I sold mine after a while. If I had spare room, I'd have another, but when space is at a premium, there are better candidates for it.
5 years ago
Art and space theme look great, colours and lighting very good, especially in a dimly lit room. As usual with Zaccaria EM games, the playfield colours are very bright and the finish is excellent. The game is great fun to play, set up correctly, it is lightning fast. The cabinet art is a big improvement on the usual geometric patterns on most games. All the Zaccaria EM games I've had have been good players and great lookers.
5 years ago
I'm not a great fan of drop targets, the art is a bit sci-fi, and the play field very plain. At least it has 2" flippers, but it's isn't a classic. Getting the drops is just too random, relying on the pops to do most of the work, instead of skill shots from the flippers. Chime box bongs will never equal good old fashioned bells. Give me a traditional sixties game and I'll be much happier. Not a keeper for me, fun to have a couple of games on, but doesn't give me that just one more game feeling.
5 years ago
Great art, unique playfield design, very hard to beat, keeps you playing just one more game. This is what EM pinball games are all about. Another early sixties icon from the master pinball artist and the Rolls Royce equivalent pinball company. They don't come any better.
6 years ago
Another wonderful mid sixties wedge head from the greatest maker of pinball games. Light all the bumpers via the top rollovers and they light sequentially for a Special. Put the lights out on the bottom four targets to light the four side drains. Put the lights out on the other two targets to light a pair of kickout holes for random higher scores or Specials. Sounds easy, it isn't. It's a surprisingly good game to play and it keeps you coming back. The Roy Parker artwork and Ed Krynski design combine to make this a classic.
6 years ago
An all time classic 60's wedge head from Gottlieb . Real frustrating to play, the grand canyon between the flippers makes it hard to win replays from a high score, though winning replays from the on playfield specials is a bit easier. It's got everything, good art, nice playfield, back box animation, 3 bells and a nice loud knocker. Every time I play it, I'm a teenager again.