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5 years ago
The game itself is absolutely beautiful, but outside of that the it doesn't have much else going for it. The rules will improve the game, but it will seems like TSPP V2 (which is both good and bad). The game sounds and callous get old, fast; and the sound is very crisp and clear, but the game sounds like you're playing a video slot machine. The witch toy seems half-assed (mainly in the presentation, mechanically it's fine). The crystal ball is neat, but pretty much pointless. The slippers on the lower flippers look horrible and cheap. And lastly, the LE topper is hilarious for how amateur is looks (especially considering that it is sitting on top of a $7500+ pin)

The LCD is a great addition, and I hope they continue to improve upon the idea. The Toto escapes mode is also a great idea.

But the game just does not do anything for me; pretty to look at, but boring to play.
6 years ago
*rating on the pre-release Pro at Mortimer's*

Game is fun, but nothing too great right out of the gates. Machine is tough, and will make you feel like a chit player with how many shots you will brick (even if you aren't the best, videos of Lyman playing the pin show lots of bricked shots) - this 'can' be a knock on the game, but at the same time, could keep you coming back for "one more game" to try and better your previous showing.

The voice callouts are great and horrible at the same time. James' callouts are awesome, Lars' are f'ing horrible and should be removed (the delivery of his quotes sound and feel forced and stick out like a sore thumb when playing).

Playfield artwork, plain and simple, kicks ass!

Some flow, but not the best - hopefully updated rules will fix this.

I will defintely re-rate the game once code really starts to take shape, but as it sits right now, the game has the potential to kick ass!
6 years ago
Hands down my favorite Stern pin, and possibly my all-time favorite. Excellent pace, perfect sound, and satisfying shots. Cannot recommend this pin enough!
6 years ago
Crap, all around a bad pin...really tried to give it a chance and wanted to like it, but after each play it just felt uninspired/boring/half-assed. So much wasted potential, it hurts to think this was the best they could do...
6 years ago
I typically hate Stern pins (TSPP being the previous exception), but this game surprised me - faster than snot, tough/tight shots, great sound, awesome light show, and all around a lot of fun to play!
6 years ago
Crazy fast pin, super fun to play, classic SR!
7 years ago
Classic game, and very underrated in my opinion. Very fun to play, and without fail, it usually leads to a lot of funny one liners about putting your balls certain places lol.

I would love to own this pin one day; great styling, fun gameplay, and always great to play.
7 years ago
Very fun pin with some good strategy, but can feel a slight bit repetitive from time-to-time. However, definitely a blast to play with a great layout and fun modes.
7 years ago
One of my grail pins that I have not found in my area for sale, but will own one someday "Oh yes, she will be mine".

The sounds, lightshow, and all around play of this pin makes it the true classic it is today - and why they are so hard to come by (or sometimes are just crazy overpriced).

This is a game that I could play over and over, get my arse handed to me each time, and still come back the next day for more.
7 years ago
Extremely approachable and fun layout. Very straight forward and just a blast to play. I love the theme of the pin, and the feel of every shot is on point. Would love to add to the collection for a good chunk of time, but they are few and far between it seems these days and the price demanded is starting to overshadow the fun of the pin...bummer!
7 years ago
Overall I really enjoy this pin! Good variation, layout, and the satellite toy is great. If one ever became available in the area I would definitely consider adding it to the collection.
7 years ago
Fun for a quick play and never lets me down.
7 years ago
Very fast and underrated pin. Love the sound on it as well. I hope to own one down the road.
7 years ago
This is one of my favorite pins, classic styling and gameplay all around. While it's not super deep or flashy, it's just damn fun to play.
7 years ago
Great sound on this pin, and I love the artwork. But the overall package isn't that great when you consider what it has to offer versus the price they sell for. Fun to play on location every once and awhile, but I won't go out of my way to try and get more games in on it.
7 years ago
I just cannot get into this game for whatever reason. Very deep ruleset is a huge plus, but overall the feel of the game just doesn't sit right.
7 years ago
Very fun pin, with some repetition that detracts from the gameplay (but not much). Great to play on location, but the pricing of the pin as a status symbol these days makes owning one next to impossible ($10k+ can buy me a lot more fun in two (possibly three) games, than this pin offers at its current price point unfortunately)...
7 years ago
Absolutely love this game! The multitude of shots, the depth of the gameplay, and small touches make this pin hard to walk past without one or two plays. The game can be a drain monster with the bumper kickouts and direct shots off of certain greed targets can and will send the ball down an outlane before you can blink.

While the pin can be ruthless at times, it still allows you to have games that feel like you're in complete control almost the entire time.

Gumball shots, powerball, magnets, multiple multiball modes, and crazy depth - LOVE THIS PIN!
7 years ago
Love this game; however, it can send you walking very quickly after making short work of your play (can be a drain monster depending on game settings (left flipper garage door shot?!?!). The ruleset is incredibly deep and rewarding - stackable modes, multiballs, hurry up shots, combo shot rewards, timed modes that can be reset with small amounts of time or full time resets, etc.

While it can (and usually does) play difficult, it is overshadowed by how satisfying multiple shots on the game are - Cletus shot through the pop bumpers, treehouse shot, relighting TV mode through the right orbit, starting modes on the upper playfield, and locking balls on the couch.

GREAT theme even if you are a slight fan of the show (the old show, not the new breed crap they are putting into the series for the past 10 years). The theme is very inviting to everyone, and the gameplay can go either way - very deep ruleset and shot difficulty will make many veteran pin players happy, but can be a little overwhelming for new players; however, the recognizable characters, comedy, and simple shots still allow the new players to enjoy the pin with the hopes of picking it up even further.

Have this one in my collection and don't see any reason for getting rid of it. Definitely recommend to anyone, if you have the chance to play it you have to give it multiple plays to fully appreciate how deep and satisfying this *somewhat* underrated pin actually is over the long run!
7 years ago
Such an underrated game. Attractive to both new and long time pinball players (especially great for getting new people into pinball). This pin will be in my collection for a very long time, great variety in scoring/completion, very funny audio, and great light show. Add in an Ultimarc VGA amp and the UFO mod and machine absolutely pops.
7 years ago
Great game.