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5 months ago
A game you never knew you wanted until you played it. Best callouts and variety of callouts. Great rules. Great shots. Very unique.
10 months ago
Steve Ritchies Magna Carta!
1 year ago
I don't see why everyone dumps on this game it looks great and plays good
5 years ago
I am pleasantly surprised by Vector. I never played one prior to owning it, it is a really cool game. Looks amazing especially with the double backglass, chrome ramps, great art on the playfield and plastics. It's a unique original game that is loaded with features. A must have for any early 80s bally enthusiast.
5 years ago
Great looking great playing game. I haven't owned it too long but I have played it more than any other game I've owned. Very addictive and fun. It sits right next to my whirlwind and I can't believe it is rated lower than WW on here. It is at least 3x better than WW.
5 years ago
Snoozeville. Looks awesome but its boring. I recommend playing it atleast once, I owned one for a few months and couldnt wait to sell it. Some people really seem to like this machine I couldnt get in to it.
5 years ago
Epic machine from the best year for bally and possibly pinball itself. I own it and love it. Great voice call outs, ok "music" / sounds. Awesome cabinet art and the playfield art is sweet mcskeet. Backglass is pretty cool looking. The game is loaded with features. The 7 rear targets are mesmerizing, they roll like a wave its quite a sight your first time seeing it. And what other machine has mini zipper flippers, I dont think any. How cool are the zipper flippers, I mean really? Those two things in itself would be enough to earn this machine respect, but they didnt stop there. The lightbar in the rear, 4 pop bumpers 4 more drop targets 4 flippers, lights underneath the flippers. Alright i get it. Badass machine to own or play. I love it.
6 years ago
awesome and fast. cant get enough of bk2k. smooth flowing game that is fast and fun. great speech and sound. the music is sweety mc swizzle.
6 years ago
the only reason anyone would buy tmnt is that nostalgic feeling you get when you see it. I admit it is pretty fun but on the same token it is pretty lame. two player is fun because you can have a competition with a friend. but single player mode playing this machine by yourself is quit boring and repetitive... "shoot the ramp, shoot the ramps." " I hate turtles" one of the most annoying voices any pinball has ever incorporated.
6 years ago
the ugliest corniest game ive seen to date. you cant appreciate the hideousness of this machine until it is in your own home. the cabinet artwork doesn't match the playfield artwork, it looks like two different themes. the music and sounds are cheesy, except when its clown time, that music is soooo cheesy that you cant help but laugh. had one for a couple months, it was like a redheaded stepchild to me. its sort of fun if you can look past the creepy clown staring at you with its legs spread wide open.
6 years ago
Really cool machine. Looks really nice. Alot of great "toys" on the playfield from the moon to the rocket, the 13 ball multiball distracts from the rest of the game. there is much more to the gameplay than the multiball. even has a dmd game within the actual game of lunar lander.
6 years ago
this has to be the pinnacle of ultimate classic 80s pin. nothing like it... nothing. no complaints.
6 years ago
I go mad trying to stack the multiple multiballs. A lot of fun minus strategic gameplay. the ramps are swizzle mcsweet. only 1 complaint the ball plops out of Godzillas mouth.