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1 year ago
It was produced by Pinstar, AKA A Gary Stern early pinball company five years after Williams Flight 2000. According to a few collectors I’ve met, it was Steve Kirk’s original game design and Flight 2000 was Harry Williams later adaptation of it to a wide body format.

The unique lock system is fun. The game gives a clear objective and reaching it for multiball is rewarding. Like so many of these SS games, it has obtainable goals for the average player, like me. :)

Being a conversion kit, I could give the cabinet art high marks. This should not take away from my overall impression of a great game.
4 years ago
My favorite game of it's era. I'm havlooking no ne restored now and plan to keep it.
5 years ago
This is a very enjoyable game with great flow. It caries the moto theme very well. Music is limited, but high energy. It's been out about a year and feels like it needs some more extras. The game code is fine, but it could use some more animations and graphics etc. Back glass and cabinet art marks are not high in my rating, but it did not influence to like the game. I purchased it an am loving it!
5 years ago
Amazing that this is a first title from a company. It's fun and challenging. I'm vey happy with my purchase. After 6 months, it remains my most played game.
5 years ago
This is a classic Williams 90s DMD game to me. It's fun and benefits from all of the advancements of the height of that era, minus a perfect theme. It's not a bad theme at all, just a bad movie. It has good flow, a ball save and a fun toy (the glove).

It's a little dark with stock lighting. I added some LED spot lights etc and it perfect.

It is my top bang for the buck game so far in my brief 5 years of collecting.
7 years ago
This game is fun!
7 years ago
One of my favorite games of all time. I love the original Sci-Fi theme. It's funny, the art is good and its simple to play.
7 years ago
Pat Lawlors first game. Really fun and unique. Simple to understand.
7 years ago
This is a fun game from 1990. The old digital music style is nostalgia for me. Good fun. The main gimmick is the fan. It's quite cool to hear "uh oh, looks like rain!" as the lightning strikes and the fan begins to blow on you.
8 years ago
First, I own this game (#62). I have one of the first games delivered. I have had it about a week so this review can't be compete. To be fair, no ones review should be objectively complete at this point. I am very very happy with the game. As with all my reviews, I don't know what score comes out of my ratings util after I type this. :)
I gave the back glass 6/6. It's an LCD and I think it's revolutionary. I can appreciate how others would consider it 1/6. That's why it's called an opinion.
I gave the game rules a 4/6. I like the game, but today the code is not complete. I don't think it would be fair to give higher than 4/6.
Overall, the game is wonderful. It is truly a modern day TZ. It has also been compared to Pin 2k. To me it's better and more in the right direction. I don't care for the video projected over the playfiled in Pin 2K, but I love the enhanced animations of the WOZ platform.
Overall, thumbs way up. I will add/edit this review in a few months.
8 years ago
This game is Fun. When I rate these games, I just click honestly and don't know what overall score is generated when I type the comments. So pay more attention to my words then the numbers.
I purchased mine last month (April 2013) and it highly modded. It plays and sounds great. I remember that I was just entering the hobby when this games was released. I was advised no to buy it and instead got a NIB Spider-Man. No regrets, but IM is fun. It seems to have a fairly basic layout and there are no really hard shots. That being said, I still drain a lot of balls thought the grand canyon size out lanes.

The War Machine kicker is brutal and fires the ball back at the right flipper like the one in Jurassic Park. Overall, Thumbs up. No one would regret owning this game, at least for a while.
8 years ago
This game is just fun. It has one main gimmick, the magnetic basket backboard, and its awesome. Seriously, it's awesome. There are three ways to make the shot: a staright ramp, a curved ramp, and the 3 points shot that launches the ball across the playfield and sticks it to the backboard. The call outs are done by a video game announcer and it has the feel of being at a game with the typical organ music, referee whistles and crowd cheers.

Any person can walk up to this game and knows what to do, shoot the hoop! Its very rewarding to hear the "thunk" and see the ball go in the net.

When I score this game in the review categories, it will come up low. To me, its overall value is higher than the sum of its scores.

I kept thinking I would like to have an EM pinball machine, but they are a little slow for my tastes. This is a simple game in that tradition, but has fun music, lights and sounds. Overall it's a thumbs up.

You can look forward to playing mine at the 2013 Texas Pinball Festival.
8 years ago
This is a very fun game. It does not have the layout style that I have come to love (Steve Ritchie style), but its fun and the theme is well integrated. If I were not a huge Tron fan, I would probably pass. However, I am a huge tron fan! Overall a really nice game.
8 years ago
This is my favorite pin. A true Steve Ritchie wide-body masterpiece. It's loaded with features; two cannons, multiple VUKs, a subway, 3 ramps, an elevated ship that fires pinball at you etc.. If it were made today, it would be called the "Double Secret Borg LE" and would be 10K retail. The center scoop shot gives one of the most satisfying "thunks" in pinball. There are some hard shots and the out lanes rival TZ for being a drain magnet. The theme is extremely well integrated. So much so, that if you don't like Star Trek, this can never be your favorite. If you like Star trek, get this pin in your collection now!
8 years ago
I have several Top 20 pins and this is one of the best. Spiderman delivers in every category. Its really fun, good flow, well integrated to the theme and is just plain fun. Unlike many pins, the voice callouts are great. The Actor, J K Simmons, who played Peter's boss in the movie has numerous funny things to say and other voices from the film are present as well. It has also held up very well to thousands of plays with little to no wear. The shots have a nice feel to them but aren't to hard for the casual player. Thumbs waaaaay up!
9 years ago
Great fun. I own this game. Very nice overall package of game, toys, lights, sounds and music.
9 years ago
I haven't rated many games. Whats in a number? I have played a lot of games, but 80% of those once or twice, 15% many times and
9 years ago
4 flippers, two magnetic flippers, mini-playfield, 2 magnets etc... This is a great, great game. Not only is it an "A" title, it is usually number 1 or 2. Considering that it commands a good bit lower price than AFM or MM, it's a home run. It must be played quite a bit to truly appreciate the depth and variety. If I could only have one pin (not), it would be TZ. Only if you just don't like the theme would I reccomend passing on this one. Otherwise, it's almost perfect. Also, I don't reccomend this one if you can't work on your pins just a little. It's very complicated and needs little tweaks here and there to keep purring. When it is dialed in, it's a thing of beauty. I absolutely love it!