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8 months ago
A good machine top to bottom. Approachable, simple rules, balanced scoring,good for novices. One of the better upper playfields ever made. A dream theme for many Achievers(mega fans of the movie).

Might not hold the interest of a hardcore pinball player for long. Maybe a good game in a large collection, probably not a good only game.

One wonders how long it will remain in production since it’s made by a smaller manufacturer that has had a months to years long backlog for quite a while. I also wonder if these would be one of the most common games ever if they were produced by Stern and sold at Stern premium prices. Ah, look at me. I'm ramblin' again.
9 months ago
Amazing game, one of the best layouts, top notch code, extremely deep.

So after playing the pro 100+ times and the LE a handful, I had to own one of these despite never seeing the movie or having any interest in comic books or movies based on them. It’s that good.
10 months ago
This is a widebody that doesn't play like a widebody. Not much side to side float. Playfield is broken down into areas and upper flippers are in uncommon positions.

I like the upper playfield in so much that it isn't just a smaller crappier pinball playfield it is something else.

Not one of my personal favorite games, but I see why many people love it.
10 months ago
Quite simple rules even for its era. One of the better shooters of it's day. If you like spinners and non competitive basketball this is the game for you.
10 months ago
A great game, I was concerned when it was announced that this was being remade that it wasn’t that great a game never having played one myself and that the demand was due to scarcity because of how limited the original run was. I was very happy when I got to play one because it is a great game.
1 year ago
The light show on the game is probably the best of all. The game play is pretty good. I hate the upper playfield. The side cabinet art is very unimaginative. The code could definitely be improved.

My rating stood at a 9.76 for over a year. I am revisiting the rating because JJP is now onto their next game and haven’t finished the code for this game. You can light special, but it doesn’t light, the scoring is very unbalanced between songs and albums and other modes(Tour, Coma, Slash, wizard modes). If they ever get around to fixing it as promised I’ll then rerate it.
1 year ago
A very fun game, some very unique shots and ball paths. Best lateral flow I think I’ve ever experienced. Code seems very good for a new release. I’m really excited to see future Jack Danger games.

Unfortunately I played on location where the sound was very low compared to the nearby pins.

I’m assuming the pro will be my favorite version since I generally dislike upper playfields.

Art package seems very “clown vomit”, “hey kid come put a quarter in me” might not look great in a home. I wish one of the trim lines looked more Rock and less Cartoon.
1 year ago
As someone who is a huge fan of JJP(own 2) and The Godfather movies(even 3) I was a bit let down by this machine. If you asked me 2 years ago what my dream theme was and which company I would want to produce it would be The Godfather by JJP. They definitely did well at what they are known for, innovative mechs, amazing lighting and deep code.

The code seems extremely deep with 5 families to choose from, the dozens of skill shots, the multiplier progression, the influence, the different multiballs, ect. No machine has ever been further from “light spinner, shoot spinner” ever. No matter how much you plan for a linear game plan the best next shot will require some thought.

This game has the most diverters ever, that might not be a good thing. They seem to interrupt flow, they can make the game confusing. After 500 games in home setting this might be a positive to keep the game fresh.

The theme integration and art package might be the biggest miss I’ve ever experienced in pinball. If you removed the name, the pictures of the characters and the clips, nobody would think this is based on The Godfather. I rewatched the movies looking for ornate lion heads, fountains, gold plated everything, and stained glass, I saw hardly any. The missions(jobs) and clips all lean towards low level street crime not high level racketeering and influencing the powers that be. It seems based on the many generic shoot ‘em up gangster movies that The Godfather itself was a refreshing departure from.

Once again JJP is trying to pass off its entry level games as Limited Edition(x/5000). Once again I was say even if you called it the “Gem Mint Super Deluxe 3 Star Double Platinum Edition”, the entry level game is the Standard Edition. They are not limiting themselves at all as it’s very unlikely this machine will outperform TS4.

All in all it’s a decent game, definitely different from anything else, but not great.
1 year ago
OK, not great, I hoped for more. The reverse scoop on the left feels clunky. No part of the playfield feels special or interesting.
1 year ago
A good, but basic playfield with the raised loop and single upper flipper makes this game pretty enjoyable. Rules are very straightforward. This is a good game for novices it would seem. Theme, meh, sorta NASCAR, sorta other sports, I can’t imagine this is anyone’s favorite machine.
1 year ago
This might be the worst mass produced pinball machine in the last 10 years. The hedge maze is neat but doesn’t help gameplay. The upper playfields are stacked in an interesting way but are so basic. Lacks flow and interesting shots.
1 year ago
So this is the greatest game of all time. It has the best layout and the best shots. It lacks nothing at all. I personally love pros/standard editions of most games however the premium/LEs of this one add so much to gameplay and awesome mechs it seems to be a must.

The only negatives I an come up with are the most minor. I am personally not a fan of the large red flashing bulb behind Mechagodzilla on any machine, just feels cheap and old. If you ever need to take the backbox off getting to the bolt on the left side takes some effort due to the Godzilla figure.
1 year ago
A pretty standard layout with no bold risks anywhere. A few games here and there are enjoyable. Lacks a skill shot other than a medium plunge to get the ball to pause at the top and go left or right to qualify as a shot during a song.

If someone was a KISS superfan who enjoyed a game of pinball here or there they would enjoy owning this title.
1 year ago
Lotsa flow, good skill shots, many good modes, not the most intuitive, games seem to be huge or terrible.

From a player standpoint the pro plays better than the premium. That said the premium definitely has cooler stuff.
1 year ago
This is one of the good games based on a Movie you haven’t seen or quickly forgot games, like The Shadow and Johnny Nmemonic.

Even though the game revolves around diamonds, airplanes and monkeys for whatever reason(game design I guess) it is pretty good. Has many interesting shots, definitely worth a few plays. As far as the market goes, the secret is out and this game commands more than its worth in my opinion.
1 year ago
A far better than average game for its era. Neat innovations and toys. Doesn’t feel very deep though.

When put next to better modern games and other classics doesn’t see much play. A game here, a game there.
1 year ago
A really good game. Fast and punishing, but fair.

Played the premium after many games on a pro. I’m not a fan of upper playfields in general but it feels like it belongs on this one. The pro still feels like a good machine without it however. I really like the back glass on the premium.
1 year ago
After playing 100+ games on a pro I finally got to play a premium and was somewhat disappointed. The projector didn’t add anything to me, the location was pretty dark and the images seemed too washed out. The ball lock didn’t impress me too much either. I liked the back glass and cabinet more on the premium. The machine I played had the UV kit unlike what I am used to and this seems like an absolute must for this machine. How this wasn’t included on the premium and LE is beyond me. All versions of this game are very good but not great.
1 year ago
A very enjoyable and easily approachable game for enthusiasts and novices. Popup ramp is cool. Decent flow. The game I played already had supplemental lights added so it is tough to say how well lit it is out of the box.

Now for the bad, This is the Standard Edition, don’t let Jersey Jack fool you. When a game is introduced and there are 2 versions, the cheaper one is the Standard Edition, it doesn’t matter if they call it the Super Triple Diamond Platinum Edition, it is the standard edition. Obviously they would have rather called this “Toy Story” and used assets and from all of the movies, but the Money Mouse wasn’t down with that or wanted too much cheese and it shows. When played You feel the 4 and I think that hurts the long term value of the machine.

To sum up fun game, will play on location, but wouldn’t buy for 12k for a base level game.
2 years ago
A pretty basic and unimaginative design. Some of the biggest most prominent playfield lights simply say “food”, oh boy.

Somewhat fits the theme generically. I wish it was better considering the theme.
2 years ago
Pretty great game. Interesting shots and layout, feels a bit unique in some ways. I think the LE got the worst cabinet art personally.
2 years ago
I’ve played the pro and premium many times and really like it. The yellow scheme looks worse to me. All trim levels have amazing gameplay and flow.
2 years ago
Feels very much like a home brew game. If that’s what you want, great. Otherwise doesn’t hold a candle to most machines made after 2005. I like the theme and artwork. I’m glad this machine and Spooky exist, I just don’t wanna play it.
2 years ago
An average rock band machine. I like Rush’s music quite a bit so I was really hoping for an awesome game. Fun but didn’t give that I can’t wait to play again feeling. Maybe the code will improve. I haven’t played a pro or premium so I can’t compare trim levels. I might revisit after playing more of this or those.
2 years ago
I wasn’t expecting too much from this game, but I really liked it. Some unique diverters on the ramps, the upper playfield that felt like something other than a small bad pinball machine good flow and shots all made for a good experience. I am going to try to get deeper into it soon.
2 years ago
Amazing game. Great flow. The Premium will probably be my next machine, although I’ve only played the Pro and LE. I’m usually not a premium/LE fan but the bridge, building and MechaGodzilla seem like a big amount of added awesome. As far as the cabinet/back glass/powdecoating, they all seem on par.
2 years ago
This is a fun game. The playfield is perfect. The code is extremely deep.

If the theme did anything for me I would probably own one. Update, I own a premium, this game is that good. I’ve never seen the movie, probably never will.
2 years ago
An average modern Stern game. Definitely a step down from the Elwin games. Code definitely not as deep, playfield is good but nothing special, a good game for novices as it gives some decent ball times. The different characters is nice for novices since it pretty much starts modes without accomplishing anything. Theme does nothing for me personally.
2 years ago
I am very underwhelmed with this game. Seems so basic for a machine from the 2000s. Pretty boring overall if you ask me. All of the toys/mechs are dark and not lit so they just look like lumps of coal. Sounds are very repetitive. Gomez has made some great games this just isn’t one of them.

It has some flow and the ramps follow a nice path. The ring lock is neat. The scoring seems well balanced. Ive read many of the reviews of this game and have a tough time understanding what people see in this game.

I like the theme, I wish it was a more fun game, but I don’t want to play it again.
2 years ago
Fun game. Not very challenging. Being an early 90s game trying to complete with video games it has a few “hit the button as fast as you can” video modes, meh. I don’t think it’s great as a few games of its era(AF, Fish Tales, ect), but it still a good game.
2 years ago
This game gets some things right but misses so hard on others. It plays OK, the upper playfield stinks. Doesn’t really feel like poker like it could since it tries to push the cards and making a hand aspect. Poorly lit especially for its generation.
2 years ago
Not a good game. Bad layout. Terrible lighting. Little flow. If this was Space Battle instead of Star Wars it would be worth 1/5 what it’s worth.
2 years ago
Decent layout. Good shooter. Definitely has the Steve Ritchie classic mech/toy in the middle ramps and loops surround symmetry.
2 years ago
Nothing to see here. Bad playfield layout, didn’t get the Top Gun license, not much fun. If I was trapped on a desert island with this machine I would play it much more and probably find some positive aspects, but after a few plays I see no reason to ever play it again.
2 years ago
This machine is prettier than it is fun. Great color palette.

Shoots ok, moderately fun. No great shots. Feels like more could have been done with the theme.

I found the bell annoying quickly.
2 years ago
The gameplay is ok. The toys are neat. The callouts are probably the most annoying of any table I’ve ever played. Maybe a good game for NBA superfans but not a great shooter by any means.
2 years ago
By modern standards this machine isn’t deep or awesome, but it was in it’s time.
2 years ago
The ball seems to avoid the upper flipper in a weird and frustrating way. Not much fun.

This machine’s theme holds a lot of nostalgia with many people, if this is you, seek it out, otherwise nothing special here.
2 years ago
This machine is different and that’s good. In a world of 1000s of pinball machines it’s nice to have ones that are like no others. It might not have the best shots, or rules and that’s ok.

Each ball starts with a multiball and on the upper upper playfield(there is another upper playfield on the lower half of the playfield, crazy right?). If there is a such thing as a machine to train a player to not just stare at the flippers on the bottom of the playfield this is it, because every ball at some point there are balls high and low.

I don’t imagine there are many people who’s top hobbies are pinball and dirt biking. If you are one of those people seek this machine out.
2 years ago
You must redock=you should have resigned.
2 years ago
Some cool gimmicks and toys. Really incorporates the theme. Not very challenging.
2 years ago
A pretty simple game. No bold design aspects. Plays easy.
2 years ago
Non standard flipper layout, makes for some interesting shots, but feels clunky. Ugly non descriptive cabinet.
2 years ago
There is a lot going on in this game. They really stacked and crammed the toys and shots. Upper playfield is fun and challenging. This is what upper playfields should be, a different small game, not a small crappy pinball machine. Art is very nice.
2 years ago
Quirky layout. If you really want to play something different, this is that. The era of 3 flipper bottom playfields didn’t last and never will happen again. They could have at least added some cool shot you could only make with that 3rd bottom flipper, but as far as I can see they didn’t.
2 years ago
The highlight of this game is the tall backglass, that’s it. Weird in a bad way and confusing.
2 years ago
I was surprised how much I liked this game considering I don’t know anything about Rick and/or Morty. Having a countdown clock to indicate ball save time is a cool idea. It could become standard as far as I am concerned. The pop by the left flipper is very different and bold. Game played well. Interesting shots.
2 years ago
Amazing game, so deep so fun. I think the Pro lacks too many fun gimmicks compared to the premium.
2 years ago
Good game. The ball moving across the playfield and needing to be hit to start a multiball is a cool gimmick.
2 years ago
The classic machine that all others seem to be judged against.
2 years ago
A good game, but how many Star Wars games does the world need? A definite step down from the Premiums and LEs due to the one flipper mini game playfield. My daughter liked the game but is 4’6” so couldn’t see the mini playfield hid in the back of the playfield behind taller things.
2 years ago
So my views are skewed by the fact that on my first game I had over a billion points and 5 balls going in a multiball and the machine locked up and said “stand by while I cool my engines” and needed to be reset. So instead of being rewarded with replays for a great game(replay 200 million) I was punished for a great game. The machine I was playing was quite new. Low quality.
2 years ago
One of the best layer out playfields ever
2 years ago
A classic. Flows well.
2 years ago
I don’t get it. It’s like they tried to do something retro and charge 8k for it. Maybe for Beatles fans not for pinball fans.
2 years ago
I’m probably in the minority that has only played the LE and neither of the other trims. This is a good game. If you are a big Star Wars/Mandalorian fan you will probably enjoy this game a lot. I am a fan of neither, but still enjoyed it. I am not a fan of games that hold the ball to show a cut scene, this machine does that as often as any which is typical of current Sterns.
2 years ago
There is a lot going on here. 2 upper playfields. Lower Playfield is FULL. 5 flippers. Confusing at times. Lacks flow in a big way. Crystal ball is very cool. I’ve played the Emerald and Ruby editions. I prefer the Emerald. The lighting on the Ruby is way over the top and detracts from the gameplay.
2 years ago
The Demogorgon toy is fun and well designed. Rules seem simple. Can be brutal at times
2 years ago
Good game, not great. Some of the light bulbs are exposed and too bright. Takes away from the experience. The upper magnet playfield is fun. It seems very approachable for a new player.
2 years ago
It’s a modern Stern, they all feel pretty much the same. Nothing too original or groundbreaking. That said game flows well, plays well and is fun. Highlight is the pizza lock that holds 3 balls.
2 years ago
I was pleasantly surprised by this game. Fun game, good flow.
2 years ago
An ok game. There are better games of its era.
2 years ago
An original theme to say the least. Interesting shots. Good callouts.
2 years ago
This game really came up short for a modern music game. When the theme was announced I was strongly considering ordering before even playing it, I saw the play field pics and was worried so I waited until I could get some games in before ordering it, it was worse than I expected. Playfield seems painfully empty. Not very fun. Code is repetitive and boring. Some shots seem like Hail Marys. Led Zeppelin’s music is great and timeless it’s too bad it will forever be burdened with being on a not good pinball machine.
2 years ago
Has amazing flow, the ball never moves as fast as it does in some games, but the chains of shots might be the best there is. A great game. Design took some bold chances and they all seem to have come out pretty great. Plays and shoots great. More challenging than most modern sterns.

Doesn’t have all of the rights to the movie it is based on, but the animations are top notch.
2 years ago
This game has some of the greatest call outs of any game in history. The boat in the center makes the game stand out. Fun and replayable. The music is great but a bit repetitive. The monochrome DMD is good with some well done interesting animations, but it does benefit from an upgraded modern color DMD. The game is a bit poorly lit compared to most modern games. It benefits from an aftermarket lighting upgrade.
2 years ago
A great machine, fun and replayability are off the charts. The only knocks are for a modern machine it is not well lit out of the box. It benefits heavily from aftermarket lighting. The SE has an overly basic cabinet. The loop coming out of the left through the pop bumpers is frustrating due to the need to make the shot during some modes and being rewarded for success with a SDTM. Nudging if possible into a pop bumper sometimes helps.
2 years ago
My rating stood at a 9.76 for over a year. I am revisiting the rating because JJP is now onto their next game and haven’t finished the code for this game. You can light special, but it doesn’t light, the scoring is very unbalanced between songs and albums and other modes(Tour, Coma, Slash, wizard modes). If they ever get around to fixing it as promised I’ll then rerate it.

An amazing game for the ages. Sound, lighting and layout are unrivaled.

Previously my rating took away points for Desert Demolition being incomplete, since that is complete now I could have added that point, but no I am still slightly disappointed with the scoring, where 10 million is a mediocre song JP, but 1 million is an amazing album, slash or tour JP which takes far more to progress to than a song.

I’ve played the CE and the SE. I prefer the SE to the CE and LE because I think the upper playfield is clunky on such a multiball heavy game. The SE has amazing flow that the LE and CE don’t.
2 years ago
Pretty standard Stern superhero game. Nothing makes it stand out. Clear ramps wear to less than transparent. Back glass might be it’s only highlight.

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