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1 year ago
Fantastic machine. The artwork all around is top notch, the audio is excellent and clean (true Stereo!), gameplay is smooth and fast. Gameplay can feel stalled at times when ball enters the top of the playfield. To remedy the stalled feeling, make sure to enable these two Feature adjustments; "Loop Dead Scene Shots" and "Capture M.B. Light Lock Loops". Your orbit shots will come flying around at F14 speeds!

The addition of the monitor is great and the animations are part of the gameplay, not separate from it. All the new Stern pins with their video-modes have nothing on Pinball 2000. The only flaw is the Cyrix PC, it's ever-so-slightly underpowered. When the pop bumpers fire, the current animation will sometimes jolt/stutter and the multiball animation is a tad pixelated. Neither are very noticeable and do not distract you from the game. Most people that play my machine don't even notice these issues, I only do because I've experimented with Nucore.

The diagnostics on Pinball 2000 are amazing. It is such a shame Williams didn't carry on with the platform. RFM > SWE1