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7 months ago
Played this lots of times on location. And love it everytime i play it!
Love to own one some day
1 year ago
Great pin!
Super addictive!
1 year ago
Like this one a lot, satisfying shots!
Love the timewarp shot / mini jackpot.
Multiball can give you great points and you can keep looping the jackpot shot.
The chimes are a fun feature and the change of music with every year you go back is fun to.
Stereosound is also great!
And if you press the right flippers button for some time it adds an extra sound to the soundtrack (it's a small detail from wich i dont know if many people have noticed)
Great pin for its time!
1 year ago
Had this game for a while, i liked it a lot after i cleaned it up and put new rubbers in etc...
It played very smooth and i was hooked on it for a couple of months.

But theres not many shots to aim at here, try to keep the ball up as long as possible and then get to multiball to get the jackpots,
only thing is that its quite difficult to keep the multiball going, or for me at least.
I allways found myself aiming at the kickback shot :)

Anyway, its fun and fast, but can get old after a while.
1 year ago
I have this game for about a half year now and i still play it allmost every day, or at least weekly when busy from work.

I love the 4 different multiballs, the different modes, extra modes like "destroy the ring", "bash balrog", "there and back" or "ring frenzy".
This games has endless stuff to collect and modes to play. Shots are a bit difficult in the beginning, but after some practice it gets a bit more easy, but still very sattisfying.
Balltimes can be pretty long, but i like that in a pinball game :)

Sound and call outs are great, like the "SUPERJACKPOT WHAHAHAAAA"
And the different kinds of songs are nice too.

A weaker point is deffenitly the playfield artwork, it is not the best... but the gameplay makes me forget about that at all times.

If you never played this, YOU SHOULD!