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Nemesis's ratings

Pinsider Nemesis has rated 11 machines.

This page shows all all these ratings, and forms Nemesis's personal top 11.

Rating comments

Nemesis has written 4 rating comments:

1 year ago
A boring mess and a big miss by Stern. No flow, lame gimmicks.
1 year ago
A crappier version of Batman Dark Knight, I dont get the ranking on this game...
7 years ago
The only knock on this game is the sound and music, other than that some of the hardest yet most rewarding ramp shots and multiball glory. Built like a tank with an epic backglass, light show and cool theme. Some of the highest detailed pf toys ever made period. VASTLY underrated and fuck the haters!
7 years ago
Unquestionably the greatest pin I have EVER played. Move over cookie cutter top 10 Williams classics, this game has you checkmated. I played a BIB.LE and it was a flawless action packed entertaining time!