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Navystan's ratings

Pinsider Navystan has rated 7 machines.

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Rating comments

Navystan has written 7 rating comments:

74 days ago
I have owned JP2, BM66, GOTG, Munsters from Stern. This is the best Stern I have played, even more than JP2. It's fast and has flow. It has an engaging rule set. Perfect theme integration and art package. Sound and animation, perfect. I didn't think I would keep long term, but I really think I will have for a while now that I have had it for a few weeks.
1 year ago
I have played several times, but just don't understand how this is so highly rated, especially in today's modern pins with much deeper rule sets.
1 year ago
Fun, classic game, but just doesn't have lastability. Only good in a large collection, not a small one.
1 year ago
Great game, love the flow and smooth ramps. Would like to own some day.
1 year ago
Played it several times, but just don't see how it's rated so high. It's art is one of the best, but I don't like the flow.
1 year ago
A classic, but it only lasted 2 months in my collection.
1 year ago
I have owned most of the top pins. This is the first time I felt I could own this for a long time. I want flow, deep rules, and lastability. I like hard as well. I thought Dialed In was hard and it is, but this pin has several hard shots. And, we don't even have version 1.0 yet.