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1 year ago
Im late, but finally got this one owned in my collection.
Played this many times over the last year, but missed out on the chance to purchase this in the first run. I'm very thankful Stern made another run of these. Unboxing this the other day was a great feeling.
And I am in love with this game. Elwin is a genius, this is a masterpiece.
Sure I would of loved a premium, but in comparison to other pros, this pro isnt missing much other than most notability the moving raptor head. For a pro this is stacked. Other than moving raptor ball stealing raptor head, other features can be added. The copter blades and cage mods, dino figure and art blades, etc etc etc can be added later on.
Speaking of no moving raptor head, at least with the pro I guess thats just one less mechanical thing that can go wrong later on. Although the moving Raptor head effect looks cool, I supposed I can live without it.
All in all, this game is pure awesomeness. I really love the shots and flow. I like Avengers, but for me personally, I've had much more fun playing JP.
JP over Avengers, just my opinion.
Both are great games however.
JP may be one of the most perfect creations in a long time.
This Blows the Data East version out of the water.
(Elwin for President of the United States 2024, "Make Pinball Great Again")
I only have one issue with the artwork. WHERE THE HELL IS JEFF GOLDBLUM?
1 year ago
One of my personal favorites of all time and when this first came out when i was a kid I loved everything about this game and still do. One of my childhood dreams was to one day own this game and I do. The sound effects define the era of video games. However, take caution because one thing I've learned is that if you play it for more than 30 minutes straight this is what happens in the link below so be careful:

I still find it unbelievable that this pure classic and hall of fame pinball machine isnt even in the Pinside Top 100 which I find to be grossily underrated. From a historic perspective, this is pretty much the game in 1984 that literally saved William's pinball.
This is one of the most straight forward fun to the point pinball machines of the early 1980s, and the fun factor still holds up today everytime i play it.
In my humble opinion this should at least break the top #100 and should at the very least be at #99 in Pinside ranking, but I guess some people think it's too repetitive. Perhaps so in some ways, but still a fun addictive game as well as attractive to look at.
I rate it a 10 at least for a pin of the early-mid 1980s era and I'm sure some feel I have overrated it, but hey it's my prerogative, LOL.
1 year ago
Great for a pro model.
Smooth flow.
2 years ago
Hey Bucko.
Everytime Rudy calls me Biff, I want to punch Rudy in the face like Goerge McFly knocked out Biff Tannon in Back to the Furture.
Pure classic.
2 years ago
Its cool for what it is at the cheap cost.
Of course not a full sized commercial pin or same quality build, however it's still a fun little game.
Cheap, but better than the garbage Brunswicks.
At least the FB home pinball machine was Bally.
2 years ago
WTF??? This game belongs in the top 100.
I can't believe this isnt better rated here. Come on people!!! Its Clint!!! This game reeks of awesomeness. In my opinion, this is one of my favorite pins of all time. Love the lay out, rules,ramps, the shots are well played out, great four multiball play, the thumpers great, the moving gun on playfield is badass, the music is good, Clints vice is pure awsome, and the Game looks great. I feel like I'm in the movie whenever I get a chance to play it... When I find one to own , it will be a keeper. Clint Eastwood is badass....Period.
Great Game.
In my top 10 favorites.
Those who dont like this game can get off my lawn...
3 years ago
Fun game the first couple time. But then gets boring fast.
The thing that most disappointed me about Victory was that it had no pop bumpers. Pinball Machines without Pop Bumpers are not my forte.
Other than that, still a cool lookin machine for the era.
3 years ago
Dont understand why the rating isnt in the top 50.
Personally I find this to be one of the funniest pinball machines I've played. And I've played literally 100 pinball machines.
Considering I'm a die hard 1990s NBA fan, this one works for me, LOL.
I really love that Scottie Pippen dunking on Patrick Ewing from Game 6 of the 1994 Conference semi finals is on the Playfied artwork and that is just straight up awsome. That dunk is arguable the greatest playoff dunk of all time. I was blessed to have been at that game, and let me tell you, when Ewing hit the floor the seats rumbled and I mean literally. The reaction from Spike Lee was priceless.
From a historical standpoint, that was the last NBA playoff game ever played at the Old Chicago Stadium, and the Bulls totally blew the Knicks out that night. Great way to end Bulls history in that arena. Other than that they didnt win the championship that year, it was still an exciting season considering Jordan was playing baseball. The Bulls sure suprised the world that season and had major heart lead by my favorite player of all time, Scottie Pippen. Had it not been for a horrific end of game call by referee Hugh Hollins in game five at Madison Square Gardens, the Bulls would of ended the series at home in game 6 and moved on to dismantle the Pacers ,who they owned that season.
LoL. Did I forget to mention how the pinball machine plays? LOL. Sorry for my ramblings .....Okay, it's a great fun game. At least I sure think so.
I am a proud owner of this game and for me it's a keeper..
3 years ago
As far as the look of the machine, Xenon has to be one of the sexiest prettiest looking pinball machines of all time. And the playfield artwork is truely psychedelic and deep. As far as the back box scoreboard lighting and mirror effect, it is mesmerizing and truely stands out, and eye catcher for sure.
As for gameplay.....ehhhh, it's not bad, but definately the greatest as it gets kind of old after a while, but not bad considering the era (1979-80) if you are a fan of pop bumpers, then the 4 powerful bally bumpers are a plus. The tube ramp is interesting and a first of a kind for the era. And game speed is okay.
Only issue I have is the simplicity and game rules get old kind of quick, and maybe a but boring in most peoples opinion.. But for me i like the oldschool late70s early 80s era. And love the riding of the rail when plunging the ball into playfield of the older games.
Sound oldschool sound effects and voices are okay , but the simple chime music playing over and over and over again gets real real real annoying...
The sexy female voice kind of draws you, and the orgasmic moan when you put a quarter in kind of tells you what kind of seductive woman Xenon is....yep Xenon is a gold digger, and her only motive is to drain your pockets, lmao.
Shell drain your pockets quickly as the game is over quickly if your not good at it.
All and all its decent pinball machine, but a little too simplistic as far as game play, but that's to be expected for the late 1970s to very beginning of early early 1980s era...So for the era, it is a decent game.......The best thing Xenon has going for it is The Awsome Visual Aspects....visually, it's one of the best.
3 years ago
Personally, I think HighSpeed should be rated alot higher in the Pinside rating...Currently it just breaks the top 100 at 99.....I think it should be in the top 20 at least.
HighSpeed defined excellence.
Super fun, and never gets old.
4 years ago
Congo in my opinion is one of the greatest Pins ever designed and a personal favorite of mine..
It is an amazing machine, visually stunning, mesmerizing, and most importantly alot od fun everytime.
I am a Congo owner for a second time now. I missed my last Congo so much, that i recently picked up another, and a much better one than i had last time.
The shots, the multiple ramps in all directions, the multiple kickout craters, the rules, the modes, the sights, the lighting, the sound, the dmd, the colors, the artwork, the smooth gameplay, the call outs, not too hard & not too easy= just right.
And the Volcano Shot is amazing. I mean how many other pinball machines have a fricking volcano that spits out multiballs? And i love how the playfield goes dark right after u lock the 3rd ball in the volcano for a second right before the red lava light show is pure joy and gets the adrenaline going. If that doesnt reak of awsomeness then i dont know what does.. and most importantly the funfactor is all there. Simply put, i mean Congo is an amazing pin period! Did i mention the catchy music and sound effects are excellant also? Williams had pretty damned good sound systems in there 1990s machines.
Ive played 1000s of machines old and new, and it is injustice that Congo isnt at least rated in the top 25 of the pinside rating. Id even put 1995 Congo up against most newer pins of the last decade. Plays great, looks great, and great fun. Congo is solid. Only one thing i think should of been added to the layout would be a spinner shot. Ive always felt that Congo should have a spinner at the far left loop lane entrance. I love spinner shots, but the shots on Congo are good enough that i dont much miss the lack of having a spinner shot, although it would of been a great addition. Never the less, Congo is stacked.
No pun intended against Stern, as i really do appreciate Stern and all, but i actually enjoy my Williams Congo just a tad bit more than my Stern Jurrasic Park. Call me crazy, fine. LoL.
And for goodness sakes, get Amy a Green Drop Drink!!!!