Player Skill Levels - Where Are YOU?!?

Player Skill Levels - Where Are YOU?!?

By NashBilliard

December 30, 2018

19 days ago

What Are Your Pinball Skills?


This is an amazing classification of pinball skills, and a good guide for those who wish to enhance their playing ability.

By: Nashville BIlliard

There are so many things to learn for any player! Not just for the beginner. Anyone can im,prove their skills and get better. Have you ever reached a plateau, sort of stuck at the same place?

Maybe it seems as though you're really good, but your scores are stagnating at the same place. Well, we do tend to get into some playing 'habits', that give us the same results.

If you really want to improve your scores - and increase your FUN, too - take a look at these classifications and figure out where you can open up to new techniques that take your game a level higher. 

That's the philosophy of the best players in the world. They are always open to new challenges. Players like Eric Stone, who's 43 from Ft. Myers, Fla. And Daniele Cellestino Acciari, age 34 from Rocca di Papa, Italy. Though a half a world away, they have one very powerful thing in common. They ALWAYS challenge themselves - and now they rank #4 and #3 in the world, respectively, according to IFPA, International Flipper Pinball Association.

So take a look at these categories and ask yourself, "What is my next step to conquer?"

You can do it!

Skills for the Pinball Player

The following is a list of skills used by successful pinball players, organized from the most basic to the most difficult.


Novice Skills

This section describes the very basic skills of playing pinball. All players should know the skills in this section. 

Single Flipper Hit 
Double Flipper Hit

Intermediate Skills

The second section covers skills for intermediate players. Most of the skills in this section are related in some way to ball control. 

Slap Save 
Up Push 
Hold Trap 

Advanced Skills

As your skill increases you can apply more advanced ball control skills. The skills in this section take you beyond simple ball control to more agressive moves that give even more control over the ball, and therefore the game play. 

Bounce Pass 
The Chill Manuever 
Hold Pass 
Repeating the Angle 
Duration of Contact 
Coming Off 
Upper Flipper Set-Up

Wizard Skills

Beyond the advanced skills lie the domain of the wizards. These skills are difficult, but have a high payoff. 

Death Save 
Drop Stop 
Flip Trap 
Falling Hold Pass 
Inlane Friction

Multiball Skills

Multiball skills are covered in a special section. Playing with more than one ball calls for skills that cannot be applied when playing with a single ball. 

Deliberate Drain 
Trap and Play 
Escaping a Multitrap 

Mental Skills

The physical skills of pinball are not the entire game. You need some mental skills as well. This is especially important in competitive play. 



This final section discusses some general considerations when playing pinball. These are not skills per se, but still important issues. 

Ball Velocity 
Slingshot Pass 
Defensive Push

Thanks and Link Credit goes to: Internet Pinball Database

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