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4 months ago
Exceptional game; I finally had the opportunity to play in person at "Barcade" in New York City. The shots, toys, and execution are absolutely top notch and blast to play. For some reason the theme just didn't grab me when reading about it, but in person this has to be at the top of the list for best pins. Absolutely would love to have this in the collection at some point. A+
7 months ago
Fantastic game, absolutely a classic, best art package ever, there ARE plenty of shots in this game, and is my favorite of any game pre 1990. Took some work to get it reliable, but now it is rock solid. No multiball or speech ... yes, but now that I own one I have grown to appreciate the game and cannot imagine it any other way. Reminds me of owning a classic car in all ways!
9 months ago
I realized when rating this machine that I am rating it slightly higher than any other machine I have ever played. It is that good ... really there are no weak points in my opinion. I don't "love" the theme, but it is SO well executed and so much fun it is impossible for me to not completely love this machine.
9 months ago
Certainly hyped, but it meets or exceeds the hype in my opinion. There is a reason people go crazy for this machine. Still absolutely a blast to play 25+ years after being introduced. Only downside is the price (as of 2021). Exceptional and truly is one of the best machines ever made.
9 months ago
Aaah Black Hole, my first true pinball love. I remember seeing this in the arcade in the early 80s for the first time, and to say it made a lasting impression on me is a massive understatement. I still think it ranks as one of if not THE most strikingly beautiful pinball machines ever produced. The backglass, lower playfield, and lighting is just exceptional. It was quite innovative at the time, and still holds up as a fun and incredibly challenging pin. I still don't like the fact that you can lose you ball when you visit the lower playfield (unlike the sibling machine Haunted House), but the difficulty and multiball make it still a fun and relevant machine to play today. Sure, it isn't as much fun (to be honest) as many machine produced from the 90s and on, but it stands as a classic. I hope to add one to my collection someday, although it probably will be more of a museum piece than frequently played.
9 months ago
An excellent pin that still holds up well. This one is one of the first that I always seek out where possible (don't own it ... yet), and it is by far always a huge hit with my nephews when they see it. It is just plain fun, fast, and has one of the best toys in pinball history. I imagine that it could get old after hundreds of plays, but certainly for the money seems to be a great buy for a machine with such a strong theme, and I suspect will just become increasingly more collectible over the years (I absolutely plan on making this a part of my home collection). Just a great game that is easy to dive into and enjoy immediately.
9 months ago
Overall a great game; I have played it countless times where possible, and hope to add as my next machine at home. Although it may not be quite as collectible as other machines produced in that era, in my opinion it is one of if not THE best values in pinball today. The toys, animations, playfield, and everything about the game are amazing. I loved it the first time I played it in the basement of my college's student center in the 90s, and always enjoy it immensely. Certainly seems worth having in the collection for a while at least. Great game and underrated in my opinion!
9 months ago
This was my very first machine that I owned; bought it for $400 in great shape, sold it for $500 a few years later. I enjoyed it, but don't miss it. For the money, absolutely is fun, especially the targets that you "shoot". However, lack of multiball and other elements make it a fairly boring machine to play after a few months. Great starter pin though, especially for 80s action movie fans. For the right price, it is a fun game and worth it.
9 months ago
Amazing pin, one of the most fun I have ever played and it keeps me coming back. If you like the theme, this one is a keeper and will be a hit with kids of all ages and skills. Only "complaints" (super minor) are: 1 - backglass lighting is only across the top; there are kits that you can easily "remedy" this, but it just looks like the machine has lights that are burned out on the sides and below the monitor. 2 - sound quality lacks punch from lower frequencies; again, this is something that can easily be "fixed" by adding an external or internal subwoofer. The SE does have a fairly empty and dark spot at the top left of the corner where the Wonkavator sits in the other editions, but this is to be expected at this price point (and you can inexpensively add lights and toys / mods to that area to give it some interest). Finally, the balls drain easily on the outlanes, but that ALSO can be "fixed" with the included additional post on the left (and adjustable post on the right). Drains down the middle seem fair to me and are not excessive (but of course they happen, it's pinball yall!). Overall for the money I couldn't be happier with this game and plan on keeping it for life. Really is almost like having a beautiful museum piece of art that you can also play!