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3 months ago
I can't stop playing it. It's so "simple" but yet so difficult that the simplicity of the rules make it fun. There's enough area for improvisation with the scoring and multiball to keep things interesting. Co-op is great. Music is amazing. One of if not the best light shows in pinball. Almost everyone who comes to play at my house ends up gravitating to this over the other games we have. I only wish the display/animations tied me in to the game a bit more -- they're too abstract at times to make much sense. Bolted to the floor.
9 years ago
Embryon is a weird game with a fun, fluid layout. The outlane design is interestingly different than a lot of games, and the plunge into a drop target shootout is a neat idea. The droning background music and weird "EMBRYON" callout always get me. Fun.
9 years ago
Critics say that the game is shallow, but it's a fun, fast moving game. It's not deep, but it doesn't need to be.