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5 days ago
Audio and visuals are hard to forget. It is like a pin right out of Heavy Metal magazine. I always give it a quarter whenever I see it and locally there are two of them nearby. Both play very differently because each location has the pitch of the playfield set differently.
It is one that I would like to own because it looks gorgeous, but unfortunately would not pay much for because the gameplay isn't terribly exciting and tends to get old really quick, even on the machine with the faster pitch.
16 days ago
Lots of just pure fun to play and underneath is still a good challenge. The multiball is easy to get, the ramps and trap door are very satisfying when hit.
The trap door really surprised me the first game I played, it just whipped open and took the ball like Pacman. I didn't even know it was there.

I love hearing the theme music, the sounds/voices are not annoying and fit well. The whole pin has a very eerie atmosphere, as it should.
The art could have been a bit better, but decent enough.
I watched the show, a few years ago, enjoyed it, but did not seek out the pin because of fandom. It was just a good pick for a family fun pin.
39 days ago
Hard to find anything I didn't like about this. It was an enjoyable challenge, sounds and Trex are awesome. It looks and feels like the movies. It will always get my quarters, but not really one I have to own. I felt that almost every time I looked up, the video was showing a Jeep driving, which I though could have been something a bit more, but my kids said there was other fun stuff going while I was playing.
39 days ago
Seems like you have to spend a lot of money to make this good. It was missing stuff I saw online, the projector and the special lighting. Just playing the pro version wasn't much fun. Boring layout and didn't like that I couldn't see much in the back of the playfield.
The sounds were great, the light effects, fantastic, the demogorgon was fun to hit, the theme is integrated very well, but I just wasnt having much fun playing it. My kids played one game and walked away.
39 days ago
It is side by side with the newer stern Indiana at my local pinball. My kids and I will always just play this one. It just oozes theme visually and with the audio. As a kid I felt like I was sucked into the movies while playing.

I am not a fan of the playfield layout though, but still would love to own this regardless.
40 days ago
I thought maybe a little more could have been squeezed out of this zombie show/comic for a pin especially with the playfield art. The zombie head in the barn just made me laugh, but out of over a 150 pinball games, this is the one my daughter eventually found and would not leave at the arcade we went to. She let me play a few games, the shots and gameplay were fun, I could see why she liked it.
This could be one I eventually buy used, if the fan base theme doesn't make it too expensive later.
40 days ago
One of the best I have played recently and not just myself. My kids and my wife all considered this a top 3. My only complaint is that sometimes the animations on the screen take too long and I find myself impatiently waiting for the ball.
40 days ago
I like eye candy, beautiful playfield artwork is one of my favorite things about pinball. This was one of the worst to look at, expected much more from this franchise and from the gorgeous T2 machine . The gameplay itself was fun, but the gimmick on the head of the machine felt county fair cheesy. Sadly, I found myself quickly leaving this machine after only a few games.
40 days ago
Visually awing when it came out and still today. Lacking gameplay and shots variety. I was bored within a few games. The cannon was pretty cool when I was a kid, now not so much, but this was a really fantastic game years ago.
54 days ago
I love GnR, but by the third game I was a bit bored. The game seemed cheaply made, some parts were either not working well or falling apart at the place I went to. Music was a blast, but I could just play my own GnR in the background
54 days ago
My favorite pin. Hard to find any flaws.
82 days ago
My first and possibly only pinball purchase, so I knew I had to be extremely picky. I was looking at early 80s to present and Sword of Rage just checked off all of the boxes for me. I wanted a fast pace challenge and this game delivers. If you aren't making those difficult shots, then the ball is either draining or firing right back at you. The shots are makeable though (time and practice with me) and you feel a great sense of pinball wizardry when you do, aweing anybody nearby watching.

The music is awesome, never gets old, as I feared a pin with a band I liked would do real quick.
I love that Black Knight smack talk, he is a fantastic opponent that makes the game that much more immersive. Battling him never gets tiresome.

The playfield artwork is gorgeous, the lighting effects are dazzling to watch, each creature you battle having their own light show that matches the feel of the music and creature. The back glass art is eye catching and I was happy that the pro model had the black knight with his flail since that is what he is wielding in the game and the player is wielding the sword of rage.

The magna save is a lot of fun and having it in the middle of the lockdown bar just adds to the challenge. Having to take ones hands away from the flipper, even for a moment, is a scary action to take.

The animations are well done and fun to look at. I enjoy the slicing of the hydra heads, the roar of the Lich Lords and the creepy stare of the hand.

The more I play, the more I appreciate how much thought was put into all of the above, it feels like a lot of love when into this game and you can see it really shine, paying tribute to the old game when you enter KNIGHT mode.
In addition, being a new pinball with a 80s feel really scratched the itch I had regarding wanting something from that era, but not wanting possible headaches of an old machine or that some older games I liked did not have multiball (or limited).

Some constructive criticism, I would have liked the dialogue lines of the Black Knight to have all been serious, some of what he says is jokey, makes my kids laugh though. The same for some of the animations, some of the skeletons look silly.
Wish the Magna save was on both sides and the blue rubber piece on the left side looks out of place. I had to check to make sure it was actually supposed to be there and not a DIY from the store.

I also went with the pro model because I felt the upper playfield of the other models was not much fun or worth the extra cost. I am not a purist when it comes to pinball, so this did not bother me. In addition, I did not understand the art of the non pro models, having the black knight wielding the sword of rage, when that appears to be the players weapon in the game.