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Rating #1 of 22 43 days ago
This is the total package wat a great game just very different and unique in a great way Keith nailed it
Rating #2 of 22 4 months ago
Just set one of these up for someone thenother day and wow was blown away by the quality and the game in general such a cool game; can’t wait to see what they do on their next title
Rating #3 of 22 4 months ago
Rating #4 of 22 7 months ago
My score says it all this game was always special, but Chicago Gaming stepped up to the plate and hit a GRAND SLAM; play this game and be prepared to be mesmerized by how good it is. ITS A TEN
Rating #5 of 22 7 months ago
Very cool and unique game a Williams classic for sure
Rating #6 of 22 1 year ago
This game is just pure fun and hits on all cylinders; I'm not a big fan of AC/DC, because it has very limited shots to it, but this game here is just so much better. Has some killer toys and a killer layout. I was expecting it to play similar to either Metallica or kiss, but it plays nothing like either. Not to mention it has some awesome mball action with love in an elevator and toys in the attic. On top of all of that it has some killer animations and in my mind is best use of the LCD display to date, because it feels more retro like a dmd, but yet enhanced. If your not into the theme it just won't matter because this game has that magical feel to it. So find yourself a Aerosmith pinball and get ready to rock.
Rating #7 of 22 1 year ago
I so wanted to love this game but just feels and plays bad; the code is just very uninspired and the layout is cool, but the designer should have fixed all the air balls and wierd physics on this game before release. Wanted to love this game so bad and have tried it several different times. Just can't get into it because of uninspired code and the physics of the game and it's flaws. Dwight crushed it on code on GOT, but with this title it just falls flat code wise. Way too much storage facility multiball also.
Rating #8 of 22 4 months ago
Very fun to shoot the coding of the game and hopefully they ad a lot more animations and it could be great; got to play the updated code and game is coming along if they finish it right codewise it will be by far the best offering from JJP shoots so much better then their other games
THIS GAME ROCKS and JJP have a masterpiece on their hands
Rating #9 of 22 1 year ago
This game just falls flat poor design of playfield with lots of air balls that should have been resolved before release and some of the worst linear rules ever in a pinball machine. I love the ghostbusters franchise and all but can not get into this game
Rating #10 of 22 1 year ago
One great game and I actually prefer the pro on this game; plays much faster then the premium and just plain fun
Rating #11 of 22 2 years ago
One of the best and funest machines ever built
Rating #12 of 22 2 years ago
This is the Kings masterpiece wow yes the game is epic and I hate mini playfields but this one just rocks and getting six balls and playing both fields wow what a rush
Rating #13 of 22 2 years ago
Wow what lyman did for the code updates to this game is just simply amazing and it is by far a top ten game of all time.
Rating #14 of 22 3 years ago
the gsme lsyout is really wild and unique, but they really need to work on the code and the rules; as it stands it feels really unfinshed
Rating #15 of 22 3 years ago
Needs better wizard mode
Rating #16 of 22 4 years ago
This game is awesome fun and if they get the code done right it could definitely be a sleeper hit and I love the unique layout
Rating #17 of 22 4 years ago
The only thing that would make this game better would be if it had deeper code; other then that it is a classic
Rating #18 of 22 4 years ago
This is my favorite pinball of all time; can't wait for band member modes
Rating #19 of 22 4 years ago
Game is great as is, but could be a lot better with some updated code on some certain features:
Vengeance level 3, warp ramp awards, and some other misc.
Rating #20 of 22 4 years ago
First off this game is built like a tank and you can tell the quality and effort that went into the title. Very cool lighting effects and lots of innovative tech on the game. Guys just changed my rating on this title I urge you to try this game out with the new code because it rocks.
Rating #21 of 22 5 years ago
Most unique pinball table layout we have seen in a long time and is very smooth and fast to boot; plus the best part it is vary hard also. Great table and is truly refreshing.