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4 months ago
This game will never leave our collection. The rules are neverendingly deep - and plundering another players loot is genius.
6 years ago
Doctor Who has a slightly confusing rule set. The book that came with the Pin takes about 20 pages to explain what you should shoot for. Dang. I kind of like 6 lines of instructions on a score card. But the theme is great, and Barry Oursler did an outstanding job. It's a keeper in our house.
6 years ago
My kids and the kids from the neighborhood LOVE this game. It's fun to play and the Helicopter picking up the pinball doesn't get old. Very easy game to beat for good pinball players though. The rules aren't the clearest, but once you figure it out, you and beat the game constantly.
6 years ago
Drop target city. More enjoyable if you know how 5 card stud is played.
6 years ago
Played more than STLE in my house. That is how fun this game is! As many others will mention, changing out the art work to the cartoon alternative makes it so much more asthetically pleasing.
6 years ago
I have the "300" 4 player version of this game. i don't know why it's not here on Pinside. My wife LOVES this game. She loves the games sounds from the '70's and the fact that this game is easy to learn and put up high scores.
6 years ago
One Toy, Two orbits, and three ramp shots would make for a very dull game. Or so you would think. But the amazing software and lighting makes this pin a long term keeper. Very nice. Job well done Steve Ritchie!