I Fell Right Into It...It Was an Accident I Swear!

By Murphdom

November 18, 2019

23 days ago

I fell into the pinball hobby by accident really. My father one day about a year and a half ago out of the blue told my son who was nine at the time he was going to buy him a pinball machine. We all kind of just laughed it off. About a week later we picked up an nice EM from another Pinsider off of Craigslist. That machine was then put in a finished basement room with nothing else in it so why not add more? You know how it goes from there.

Since my first machine or should I say my sons machine I became hooked and began reading what I could find about EM's. Eventually I was turned in the right direction and to Pinside. I have learned a lot from here and met a lot of great people and look forward to soaking up as much knowledge as I can about the hobby. If you are ever in my area feel free to give me a shout. Thank you for all of those who are willing to spread their knowledge. You have been an enormous help.


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