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5 years ago
It doesn't have the deepest rule set, and it doesn't have incredibly difficult shots or challenging gameplay particularly, however, for some reason, you can play it for ages and ages and just enjoy the fun. It makes great noises, the pop bumper action if you catch it right is excellent and the spinning middle section just takes the ball of kilter enough to make it fun.

Sure, there are things it could have done better, but there are plenty of things it could have done a whole lot worse also.

Just enjoy.
11 years ago
I've had one of these for over a year and it never ceases to put a smile on my face.
The hilarious double entendre one liners are a blast. Where else would you be able to hear "Oh, that's just made me stiff" and the less commonly heard but great "what a huge boner.........ssss"!
Great playfield design, with per excellence lighting, get a full set of LED's in it and it is totally incredible to play in the dark.
What's more, it's really easy to get into and enjoy, and yet if your an expert (which I'm not) getting the spider full light set is very difficult.
I can see that the "If it isn't damn near impossible to do, I don't like it" set, may find the gameplay too easy, but for most gammers who just want to play when they get time, and then just want fun, are going to find it super addictive and therefore never get bored with it.
Sometimes, just being able to play a game and have immediate fun is seriously underrated.
Spinning spiders, great speech, wonderful lighting and outstanding playability make this a top top machine.
13 years ago
A game that has a multiball like this one can't be ignored.
But if your an average player you'll find it quite difficult to get to that stage.
But, keep playing, you'll eventually get the hang of it, and the you'll get rewarded with multi-ball mayhem.
If your a Trekkie fan, then you can't help but love the game theme and various models about the playfield.
May it live long and prosper.
13 years ago
Well, this game is a bit of a legend.
I'm not sure that everyone would find it would be their top game, but it is mostly deserving of it's status.
There's a lot to take in, and the game play for novices can be quite difficult, and sometimes even frustrating.
For the well hardened players out there of course, (that's not me), that's just why they like it. It challenges them and keeps them coming back.
If your just starting out, don't think though, that this is the only game to have, you may get more enjoyment from more affordable games.
It is though, a great bit of kit.
13 years ago
Here's a strange game, in as much as it's not really based on any famous movie or event, and yet the whole design premise works a treat.
The Bigfoot is a blast and that wicked left ramp is an excellent design.
Good playability but not the easiest for non experts to get the best out of. However keeps you coming back for more.
13 years ago
What a great game.
I'm not an expert Pin player, but it's not to difficult to get your head around.
The theming of the game is excellent, and so is the 'Thinging"
No other game can boost a hand like 'Thing".
Love the look of the game overall and it has long term playability.
Not my ultimate favourite, but way up there for me.
13 years ago
This game is often vastly under rated. It doesn't appear in hardly anyones wish list, and yet it's much better than it first appears.
It's also a lightning fast game, shots around the two loops can often double up to become so fast it's virtually impossible to keep your eye on the ball.
The glove is an excellent design and always importantly for me, the game is easy to get into.
It's also pretty rare with less than 3000 made.
So a hidden gem in many ways.
13 years ago
I truly believe that Creature from The Black Lagoon is one of the best looking Pinball machines ever made.
The fact that it's great to play is a double bonus.
It's not so difficult that you'll be frustrated if your not a great player, but there's enough to keep you playing time and time again.
For me it's pretty much the perfect game.