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8 months ago
Great game. Bad printing on playfield Art.
10 months ago
Best Stern game I’ve played so far. The T-Rex is amazing. This game even got my wife playing again.
1 year ago
Epic fail by Stern.
1 year ago
Had a pro, now a premium. Excellent game all around. Great shots, lights, sounds, but playfield Art is just what it is. Bolted to floor.
2 years ago
Not a bad game overall. Code blows. Played on location.
2 years ago
Not what I was thinking when seeing the cool artwork. Childish game sounds and call outs.
3 years ago
It’s obnoxious
3 years ago
The best game I have in my collection. My mom visited this past weekend and loved it out of all games I have. No wonder they will keep vault production coming. No brainer. I can’t stop playing it.
3 years ago
As a fan of the show I played the pro model in the showroom. I wasn't too into it since I was really there to look at and buy Star Trek pro. A month went by and I sold a car I had and had some extra money for one more pin. I didn't feel like driving hours to the showroom. I watched countless videos on YouTube on TWD pinball. I basically just said screw it and bought a premium, I absolutely love this game. This is a new occurrence for me, usually the showroom is where I decide. This game grows on you quick, yes it's tough, but I can't stop coming back for more.
3 years ago
I personally think they could have done better and it appears I am not alone in this opinion.
3 years ago
I can't say enough about this game. It has great flow and modes. For a pro model I am impressed. The light show on code version 1.61 is superb. The playfield is a liilte bland when it comes to art, but the rest makes up for it. I think this one will go up in value later on. Space the final frontier......