Getting into it

By MukiJames

February 25, 2018

2 years ago

Everything started with a virtual pinball machine a couple of months ago.

Which is not that common as far as I can see. Most of the people here have an addiction to pinball since their childhood. Well in my country arcades were not that popular like in the US, and the existing ones were a bit different. You could find there video games, pool tables, air hockey tables but no pinball. Pinball machines appeared only in pubs where kids would not go. So I played pinball only a few times while I was a kid, and I never got addicted, I was always a video game type.

And then suddenly a virtual pinball machine appeared in our office. A colleague of mine built it, and at the end it turned out, that for him the building process was more interesting than playing the machine. Most probably there was also a pressure from his wife, but as per the official version he decided on his own to bring the machine to the office... Anyway the pin ended up in our recreation room.

In the beginning I was not too much interested, but of course I tried it out a few times. After a while I realized, that I am more and more into it, I am keen to try out more boards, etc. Suddenly I found myself reading about building virtual pins. At that time I thought, that such a machine is the best because you can have many games in one box, it can emulate nudging, tilting. So why would someone spend a lot of money and space for a collection of real pins, right?

Eventhough I thought that virtual pinball machine is the ultimate solution, after a while I realized that I can’t get a question out of my head: “How it could feel playing a real pinball machine?” So I started to look for a place in my neighborhood where I could try out real pins. I consider this moment as the next step of my “evolution”. Luckily found a club in the nearby, and I already played there a few times.

And where am I now? First of all don’t think about owning a virtual pin anymore. It is great to have one in the office, it helps to survive the days when I can’t play a real machine. I am scanning the ads all the day and trying to get familiar with the prices in Europe. And in parallel trying to convience my wife of course... :)

I have no idea where will this story end, but I am definitely infected already.

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2 years ago
If you visit Strasbourg at 1h30 from your town, ping me ;)
You will have your dose
2 years ago
I see a collection of 40 games in your future.
2 years ago
@Benethnath Thanks a lot for your kind offer. I will keep t in my mind, and I might surprise you one day ;)

@DefDumBlindKind For that I will need to move to a super remote location in order to be able to afford such a huge house :-D
2 years ago
Great story ... I agree nothing quite compares to the real feeling of a real 80 gram ball. Welcome to pinball collecting.
2 years ago
Good read. I agree with you. I built a virtual pinball machine, after I had fixed two real ones, cause I wanted to play them all. But now I want another real one.
1 year ago
Great story. Welcome to the greatest hobby on earth.

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